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Pinball Finds a Way Flip Frenzy Pinball Tournament

Saturday 28th May 2022, doors at 11:00

PinHaus is located in Great, Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk. Address will be given after registration.

Following the success of Now That’s Pinball in January, join us for our next Flip Frenzy event on 28th May!

Doors open from 11:00, with competition starting at 12:00 (with a break in the middle). We’ll be running a Flip Frenzy for qualifying, with a length of 3 hours.

This is an official IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) event. But like our last event, this is a social occasion as well — you are welcome to hang around and play until late after the competition ends (many did last time!). We are looking forward to welcoming you into our home for a relaxed and fun environment!


Due to limited capacity there is a strict registration limit, capped at 24 people.

Registration will open Sunday 17th April at midday.

Tickets are £10 each – payment will be arranged before the event or pay in cash on the day.

About the day

Getting here

We have a driveway with space for 3-4 cars, available on a first come, first served basis.

However, we live on a quiet road and there’s plenty of space along it with no parking restrictions.

We live only a 5 minute drive from Sudbury train station. We may be able give you a lift from the station and back – please let us know after you’ve registered. There are also taxi services available in Sudbury.

There is also a regular bus service from Colchester to Sudbury that stops outside the house (Line 754).

House rules

Although the house is still a project (sorry about that!), we’d like you to feel at home.

There’s a table in the garden and a few seats. We may have the firepit going, depending on the weather!

The lounge has new carpet and we’d like to preserve it, so no shoes in the lounge. Feel free to bring slippers if you want comfort!

No smoking indoors.

Food and drink

We will supply a buffet of sandwich platters to be served in the late afternoon. There will also be snacks available throughout the day. You’re welcome to bring your own food (there’s a Co-op 5 minute walk around the corner).

There will be a few bottles of soft drinks and squash. You’re welcome to use our kettle and tea/coffee (bring a mug). Bring your own beer!

Please let us know of any allergies in advance.

How Flip Frenzy works

It’s a format that enables many games in a set time. It almost runs itself, so don’t worry if you don’t understand it (or didn’t attend last time). It’ll become obvious!

The object is to get as many wins in a set time as possible (so if you’ve already won on ball three, it’s better to drain it so you can get to your next match!).

For more info on how Flip Frenzy works see here: https://matchplay.events/handbook/flip-frenzy

The finals

The top 2 qualifiers from Flip Frenzy get a bye to the final. Tiebreakers for qualifying will be decided by least number of losses.

For the quarter final, qualifiers 5 – 8 will play in a single 4 player game, with the top 2 players going to the semi-final.

In the semi final, they will play in a single 4 player game against qualifiers 3 and 4.

The final will then be four players in a 3 game final, scored as 4-2-1-0.

If qualifiers 3-6 include more than four players, a tie break game will be played on a randomly allocated machine. Players will be eliminated until only the required amount qualify for the semi finals.


  • Locomotion (Zaccaria, 1981)
  • TX-Sector (Gottlieb, 1982)
  • Black Knight 2000 (Williams, 1989)
  • Diner (Williams, 1990)
  • Black Rose (Bally, 1992)
  • Fish Tales (Williams, 1992)
  • Jurassic Park (Data East, 1993)
  • Red and Ted’s Road Show (Williams, 1994)
  • Attack from Mars (Bally, 1995)
  • Theatre of Magic (Bally, 1995)
  • Pinball Magic (Capcom, 1995)
  • + one more to be announced!