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Gone Flippin’ Pinball Tournament

Join us at PinHaus for a Chaotic Round Robin on Saturday 29th April!

Doors open from 10:00, with competition starting at 11:30 (with a break for lunch). We’ll be running a Max Match Play for qualifying, set to run as a Round Robin, meaning everyone will play the same amount of matches and play each opponent once.

This is an official IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) event. But like our last events, this is a social occasion as well — you are welcome to hang around and play until late after the competition ends. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our home for a relaxed and fun environment!


Due to limited capacity there is a strict registration limit, capped at 23 people.

Registration will open Saturday 11th March at midday.

Tickets are £10 each. Payment will be arranged before the event or pay in cash on the day.

About the Day

About qualifying

We’ll be starting the Max Match Play qualifying at 11:30 (with a break in the middle for lunch after everyone has hit 10 games played hopefully around 13:00), but feel free to come earlier (anytime from 10:00). Qualifying should take around 3.5-4 hours in total, but we can’t be 100% as this will be the first time we’ve run this format.

This is a brand new format, which is a new alternative to Flip Frenzy tournaments. It runs in a similar way, with a few small differences.

Each player is guaranteed* to play 24 1v1 matches, playing each opponent once.

Similar to Flip Frenzy, there is a ‘waiting room’ as not all players will be playing at once. 

*As everyone plays each opponent once, if there are last minute drop outs the number of matches may drop, eg. If 22 players, everyone will play 21 games.

Because of the way that new matches are generated, if you have just joined the waiting room, you may be playing a new match straight away (unlike in a Flip Frenzy queue). But as everyone is playing exactly the same amount of games there is no need to rush, so if you or your opponent is getting a drink or having a quick break there’s no reason to rush them.

Unlike a Flip Frenzy, if you have a Matchplay account you can submit your results, which will help speed things up.

For more info on how Max Match Play works, click here.

The finals

After qualifying (and the now traditional ‘raffle’ for assorted Fish Tales themed prizes!), there will be a finals for the top 8 players.

The top 2 qualifiers from the Max Match Play get a bye to the final. Tiebreakers for qualifying will be decided by the least number of losses.

For the quarter final, qualifiers 5 – 8 will play in a single 4 player game, with the top 2 players going to the semi-final.

In the semi-final, they will play in a single 4 player game against qualifiers 3 and 4.

The final will then be four players in a 3 game final, scored as 4-2-1-0.

If qualifiers 3-6 include more than four players, a tie break game will be played on a randomly allocated machine. Players will be eliminated until only the required amount qualify for the semi finals.


There will be 12 machines available to play (subject to change!):

  • Space Shuttle (Zaccaria, 1980)
  • Locomotion (Zaccaria, 1981)
  • Genesis (Gottlieb, 1986) – with thanks to James of Majestic Pinball
  • Arena (Gottlieb, 1987) – with thanks to James of Majestic Pinball
  • Diner (Williams, 1990)
  • Fish Tales (Williams, 1992)
  • Creature From the Black Lagoon (Bally, 1992)
  • Red and Ted’s Road Show (Williams, 1994)
  • Attack from Mars (Bally, 1995)
  • Junkyard (Williams, 1995)
  • Plus 2 more TBC

Getting here

PinHaus is located in Great Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk. Full address will be given after registration (along with details of how to pay the £10 entry).

We have a driveway with space for 3 cars, available on a first come, first served basis. However, we live on a quiet road and there’s plenty of space along it with no parking restrictions.

We live only a 5 minute drive from Sudbury train station. We may be able to give you a lift to and from the station – please let us know after you’ve registered. There are also taxi services available in Sudbury.

There is also a regular bus service from Colchester to Sudbury that stops by the house (Line 754).

House rules

As before, feel free to wait in the living room or in the garden while in the ‘waiting room’. We may have the firepit going, depending on the weather (with marshmallows!).

The lounge has new carpet and we’d like to preserve it, so no shoes in the lounge. Feel free to bring slippers if you want comfort!

No smoking or vaping indoors.

Food and drink

There will be lunch provided, as well as snacks throughout the day (and Claire’s famous cheesecake!). You definitely won’t go hungry! 

We provide soft drinks such as Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite, and squash, as well as tea and coffee, but bring your own beer!

Please let us know of any allergies in advance. Vegan/vegetarian options will be provided for!