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Happy book release day to C.L. Qvam - Thread of Fortune is now here, and the Spindle of Life trilogy is complete.

Happy book release day to C.L. Qvam – Thread of Fortune is now here, and the Spindle of Life trilogy is complete!

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Thread of Fortune by C.L. Qvam, a romantic fantasy / greek mythology is now available! Check it out on Amazon, or catch up with the whole series (the first two books are available on Kindle Unlimited).

About the book (spoilers for the trilogy ahead!)

Publication Date: April 2, 2024

Genre: Romantic Fantasy/ Greek Mythology

✨Star-Crossed Soul Mates
✨Sea Voyage
✨Love & Redemption
✨Emotional Scars
✨Touch Him & 💀
✨That’s My Fiancee!
✨Trauma Rep
✨Lore & Mythology

The blurb for Thread of Fortune

Fate must run its course.

A mother lived again. A sister died for love. Death followed the son, and a twist of fortune they had, when all united as one.

But for Caden, that twist cost everything that mattered and left him alone in Atropos’ clutches. With nothing for comfort but his own seething guilt and anger, Caden is rapidly descending into darkness.

Yet his chilled heart still beats with a flicker of hope that he will see his fated love again, be it in the land of the living or dead.
So when opportunity presents itself, he escapes with the remainder of their group and sets out to brave the Underworld itself, determined to be reunited with Sophie.

But will love find a way? Or will darkness be all that remains when Caden and his crew learn that Maddison might have read the prophecy wrong, that Sophie’s sacrifice might have been for nought, and that the end of Atropos’ reign might very well bring on the Apocalypse?

The fated heirs’ thrilling adventures come to an end in this gripping Spindle of Life finale featuring sea voyages, battles between good and evil, a trip to the Underworld, and star-crossed lovers caught in it all.

Author Notes

This book contains dark content mostly suitable for upper young adults readers or above. Content warnings can be found on the author’s website. Reader discretion is advised.

British style and spelling is used.

Romance content rating system (RCRS) level: 4 toeing the line of a 5 (fade-to-black with some minor & soft on-page descriptions.)

About the author, C.L. Qvam

C.L. Qvam has been lost and found on several occasions, and this time she’s been found by you!

Drawn to everything British and lore infused stories that explore the morally grey, Chase moved across the pond at a young age to write the story in her heart. Since then, the mixed-race, Norwegian author has identified as an English rose and defies the barriers of her first language and dyslexia to write in her preferred language on the daily.

While pieces of her debut trilogy were drafted all over the world, Chase now spends her day writing back home in Norway, living with a very patient boyfriend and furbaby.

C.L. Qvam

You can find Thread of Fortune onAmazon, or catch up with the whole series (books 1 and 2 are available on Kindle Unlimited!).