Icebreaker is the first book in Steven William Hannah's Interloper trilogy, a post-apocalyptic/horror series set in Scotland.

Icebreaker is the first book in Steven William Hannah’s Interloper trilogy, a post-apocalyptic/horror series set in Scotland.

I read Icebreaker as a judge for the Self-Published Sci-Fi competition as part of Team Space Stars, reading the book in full. Icebreaker was a quarter-finalist, very nearly making the semi-finals (7.46 average score to 7.5!).

A strange phenomenon has hit the world, taking over and moving around the country. It drives people who encounter it mad. Survival rates are just 1 in 1,000, and the south has already been lost. The only way to survive is to put on a blindfold and earplugs, and hope that it doesn’t get you. The story follows Bear, who is researching the Phenomenon, following on from his father’s research. His village is attacked and their communications tower compromised. Bear volunteers to leave to get help in a Crawler landship – one of the crews that travel around the country in relative safety, trading with others. Will he discover some answers about what’s happening? And can his village be saved?

Icebreaker is available on Amazon, and is part of Kindle Unlimited subscriptions, and you can read more reviews on Goodreads.

Book review

I loved this post-apocalyptic / horror novel, based in Scotland. It’s full of suspense, a ‘found family’ band of crewmates, and a unique premise.

Everytime the Phenomenon hit, I felt profound fear for Bear and the crew. It was SO tense. It’s not like anything I’ve read in the past and I just loved it. I kept reading on as I wanted to learn more about the Phenomenon and what it was. My brain was buzzing just like Bear’s with questions about the Phenomenon, the Cataclysm, the Crawler, technology, his crewmates. I couldn’t read this fast enough!

I loved the crew of the Icebreaker and how their friendship with Bear develops over time, and seeing the crew’s relationships with each other. All three felt so realistic, with distinctive personalities and voices. I also really liked that Bear is not your typical confident main character. He is quiet and shy, and not very self-assured.

I would recommend this wholeheartedly to fans of post-apocalypse novels or sci-fi. It was a fantastic read, and it had some really unique ideas. I look forward to reading more from this series and from this author!

About this book

Publication date: 8th July 2021

Pages: 366 pages

A frozen, psychedelic post-apocalyptic Scotland.

Shamanic science fiction, written in a unique voice, with a strong cast of memorable characters.

A trilogy-spanning mystery that answers every question it raises.

Cosmic horror, artificial intelligence, and questions of consciousness, perception and identity.

“Of the dozens of indie authors I’ve ever read, only two have left me genuinely hungry to read more from them. Steven William Hannah is one of those.” – O.R. Lea, author of the Bruised Moon Sequence

Inside their walls, the people are safe from exposure to the unnamed horror that broke the world long ago; but now Bear, the last scientist in Forgehead, takes a case that threatens to throw that safety into question. Someone has been terminally exposed to the phenomenon, despite never having ventured outside the walls. This has only happened once before – to Bear’s father.

With the safety of Forgehead in question, and an opportunity to finally discover what happened to his father, Bear must leave the safety of the walls to unravel the mysteries left behind by the pre-cataclysm world; a task that will require him to join the Interloper Initiative, the team who crew the gigantic Crawler landships, the only vehicles that can roam the world outside the walls in relative safety. Icebreaker is the first entry in the Interloper Trilogy, a tale of horror and science charting the last days of a dying world, and humanity’s endeavour to survive.

Steven William HannahAbout the author, Steven William Hannah

I’m Steven William Hannah, a Scottish fiction writer. I write mystery-horror, geared towards either fantasy or sci-fi. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil, folding A4 paper in half to aproximate a book. My current writing is all self published, so in retrospect, not an awful lot has changed. Always willing to work with fellow authors, reviewers, bloggers and so on.

Icebreaker is available on Amazon, and is part of Kindle Unlimited subscriptions, and you can read more reviews on Goodreads.