On Sunday 12th November 2023, the Pinball Office hosted Hitting the Jackpot at the Office tournament!

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who joined us at the Pinball Office on Sunday. I had a great day and I hope everyone who attended did too.

The Pinball Office is a pinball machine club in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire. They have over 40 pinball machines as well as a range of retro arcade game cabs such as Japanese candy cabs. I regularly run pinball competitions there, such as a club league twice a month and regular tournaments that are certified by the IFPA. It’s a great place to visit, with 3 hours of unlimited play for just £15 per person!

About the tournament

We started the day with a 2 minute silence for Remembrance Sunday, for some quiet reflection before the chaos began. The competition then began straight after at 11.05am, with 10 rounds of 4 player games. The top 16 players then qualified for the finals (after a playoff for 16th as we had a 4 way tie). The finals consisted of head to head matches with a best of 3, with the top qualifying player choosing the first game and the other player choosing the second game.

There were so many amazing games throughout the day! Here are some of my own personal highlights:

  • Michael scoring 66 million on his first ball of Black Knight – really amazing play! I really feel for him as on the next player’s turn, the right flipper button fell out and unfortunately couldn’t be repaired. Gutting!
  • Some other super high scoring games – George’s amazing Star Trek game and Dave Willcox on Spiderman, plus DPock on his consolation game on Dialed In just quietly and calmly playing away, and scoring over 1mil
  • Kev had loads of amazing games and was getting high scores all day, with some amazing drop catches and blowing up AC/DC and Spiderman!
  • I had a very close game on Scared Stiff with Sergio, Helen and Lan – Sergio, Helen and Lan all within a few thousand of each other!
  • The 45 minute game on Lord of the Rings! I came upstairs to see if someone could get a tap on the shoulder, to find Kev, Conrad and Yuen all getting to ‘destroy the ring’ with 30mil+ scores – Kev on 34m, Conrad on 36m, and Yuen finishing on over 40m. It was awesome to watch, and there was lots of excitement about whether they would manage it! (Only Yuen finally managed to throw the ring into Mount Doom – well done Yuen!)
  • Ethan was 3rd U16 and in the top 16, getting through to the finals after a playoff on Attack from Mars – honestly the best I have ever seen him play. He was focused – catching the ball, aiming, and stayed calm and collected. Well done Ethan – he should be really proud!
  • And of course Chris for his amazing play all day – he qualified 10th and stormed his way through the finals to 2nd place! Some fantastic games, including his game on Creature where he finished on 140 mil. His first ever trophy – and his first ever finals! He drove 4hrs to get here, and wasn’t going another 4 hours home empty handed!

Greg Mott was our champion, and definitely had to work hard with head-to-head games against Yuen and Chris in the finals!

Final standings

Here are the final standings for the tournament, as submitted to the IFPA:

1,Greg Mott
2,Chris Miller
3,Yuen Aw
4,Conrad Chambers
5,Dan Pocklington
6,Nathan Garwood
7,Clive Bush
8,Martin Bedford
12,Cristian Boudi
12,Pete Bennett
12,Isaac Granby
12,George Bennett
12,Ethan Campbell UK
12,Kevin Donovan
12,Graham Swaffield
12,Andy Brock
17,Gene Aw
18,James Aw
18,Philip Escoffey
21,Jon Carolan
21,Gareth Arnold
21,Matt Peck
21,John Burton
26,Paul Woollard
26,Jeremy Baynham
26,Steven Dale
26,Claire Lickman
26,Sofia Boudi
30,Dave Willcox
30,Matthew Halls
30,Nick Clark UK
32,Helen Swaffield
32,Christian Harris
34,Lan Aw
34,David Bowery
37,Bradley Burton
37,Phil Stokes
37,Sergio Olave
39,Andy Campbell
40,Chris Granby
40,George Boudi
42,Michael Aw
42,Ben Leigh
44,Emma Campbell

It was a fantastic day, and I really enjoyed the format. It was really social and the head-to-head element of the finals worked really well too (it’s the first time I’ve tried that format!). I’m looking forward to hosting the next pinball tournament at the Office, which will be the Second Anniversary Celebration on Sunday 7th January!