Book Review for Bobby and Bubba's Small Adventures

Bobby and Bubba’s Small Adventures is a family-friendly book based on two British Bulldogs, Bobby and Bubba, written by Anthony Coombs.

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Bobby and Bubba’s Small Adventures is a collection of short stories featuring British Bulldogs, Bobby and Bubba. They are brothers and have lived together their whole lives, and despite their small size, they get up to lots of mischief! The stories involve the dogs as well as their family, including the author, Anthony Coombs.

You can find Bobby and Bubba’s Small Adventures in hardback and digital versions on Amazon and Waterstones, and on Goodreads. The paperback edition is due to be released in spring 2023.

My review

Bobby and Bubba might be brothers but they have their own distinct personalities which shine through in these stories. My favourites were ‘Bobby Coombs: Dunce or Genius?’ about Bobby learning to switch off electronics, and ‘Bubba is Forgiven’ where the two are separated after an unfortunate accident. Both stories were really heart-warming, and the lovely illustrations really added to the story.

The illustrations are by Adam Frost, who has done a fantastic job. I really love the art style in the book and they really bring these stories to life.

A lot of the stories have a moral message at the end and I thought these were sometimes a little heavy-handed or unnecessary. Would a dog really be moralising about whether something is an accident, or about ‘all creatures great and small’? However, these books are designed for families to read together, so this may just be because I am not the target audience!

Bobby and Bubba’s Small Adventures is a cute collection of short stories, which I think any dog owner or dog lover would relate to and enjoy.

The blurb

“Adorable, gorgeous, amazing” – just three of the words regularly used by friends and strangers, wherever British Bulldog brothers – Bobby and Bubba – go! Dividing their time between the town (London) and the country (Warwickshire), the dynamic duo have already starred on television shows, in magazines, and naturally (have you seen those faces?) have their own growing fanbase on social media. Now, they’re the stars of a beautifully-illustrated, short story book to be enjoyed by the whole family, written by former MP, business man and philanthropist, Anthony Coombs.

“You’re invited into the world of Bobby & Bubba’s adventures… written for children of all ages, especially for families to enjoy together, and particularly with parents in mind who are seeking a way to break the vice-like grip of the mobile phone and internet on growing minds. They’re lovable, funny, poignant and full of life – much like Bobby and Bubba themselves.”

About the author, Anthony Coombs

Anthony CoombsAlthough he has written extensively on political and economic topics, this is Anthony Coombs’ first foray into books. He was encouraged to do so by Bobby and Bubba themselves. Whilst relying on the “daddy” Alexander for their everyday needs, they insisted that “grandpa” Anthony use his dwindling literary skills to share with the world their “irresistible charm” and the adventures it gets them into.

In any spare time Anthony gets from dog walking, he combines a career as chairman of a FTSE finance company with building houses and overseeing a charitable trust which supports children and young people with physical and mental disability challenges. Following his earlier incarnation as a Member of Parliament, Anthony also likes to write about current affairs.

He loves both football where, despite his father once owning Birmingham City, he is an avid Aston Villa fan, as well as the fancy footwork required in ballet where he sits on the board of the Birmingham Royal Ballet. Anthony likes to torture himself at golf, more gently in the gym and to take equal care of his soul as a practising Christian and trustee of Premier Christian Media. Most important of all, he is the proud husband of 38 years to Andrea, and of course the father of B and B’s daddy, Alexander.

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You can find Bobby and Bubba’s Small Adventures in hardback and digital versions on Amazon and Waterstones, and on Goodreads. The paperback edition is due to be released in spring 2023.