Book Review: A Lesson in Love and Death

A Lesson in Love and Death is the first book in the new Endymion College series by W. H. Lockwood, a dark academia / gothic horror novel.

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A Lesson in Love and Death is a gothic horror / dark academia novel. Anna James is offered a scholarship to study literature at Endymion College, her dream college. But from the first day she is thrust into chaos, living in a haunted dormitory with her new roommate, Candi Lenoir — and is given a mysterious set of keys to a strange door that leads to nowhere.

W. H. Lockwood’s latest book is available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback (and is available through Kindle Unlimited), and don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads list!

My review

I first picked this up as I am in love with Dark Academia at the moment — plus, that gorgeous cover grabbed my attention straight away!

This book is so creepy and atmospheric. The descriptions of Endymion College and the surrounding areas are really vivid. Anna’s dormitory is haunted, and the scenes with the ghost boy in her room are just terrifying! (Real nightmare fuel.) I loved these sections the most as they were really well-written and gave me shivers! There’s also discussion of classic books, such as Frankenstein, that I really enjoyed too and felt like I learned from.

I loved the friendship that blossoms between Anna and Candi. It’s slow to start, they aren’t instant friends, so it’s great to see a friendship develop naturally. Their friendship is at the centre of the story — even if they do argue and get jealous of each other at times.

While there were a few areas that were a little unrealistic (Anna and Candi go to the Church for an exorcism of their flat, which they obtain easily for a small fee), I could overlook this as overall this book is a fun read. It was easy to pick up and understand, the characters were interesting and the gothic horror elements were really well written. I would have liked a little less romance and the drama that came with it, but it didn’t put me off the book.

Overall, this gothic dark academia novel is the perfect October read. There were lots of unanswered questions, but the next book in the series A Study in Survival will be released soon on 27th October, with book 3 following shortly after, so I hope to find out more about Anna’s story soon!

About the book

Anna James dreamed of only two things in life: to read books and to not die.

The day she is offered a scholarship to study literature at the beautiful, exclusive and gothic Endymion College, is the happiest day of her life, but soon after arrival, Anna finds it is nothing like the brochure.

Instantly thrust into a dangerous conspiracy, sent to live in a haunted dormitory with a captivating rival, Anna struggles to keep control of her only chance at a better life and to maintain her already tenuous grip on reality.

Things soon go from bad to worse when a séance goes awry, and finding herself pursued by a terrifying spectre, Anna finds comfort and a kindred spirit in her professor of literature: young, devastatingly handsome and completely off-limits.

Anna must find a way to fight both her desire and a relentless supernatural force out for blood, all while completing her work on time to hold on to her precious scholarship.

Darkly humorous, crushingly awkward, deeply romantic, Endymion College: A Lesson in Love and Death is a celebration of the books we love and an action-packed, supernatural, feminist, horror story all rolled into one.

The author, W H LockwoodAbout the author, W. H. Lockwood

W.H. Lockwood writes feminist gothic and historical fiction, dark academia and cosy horror, all with a romantic twist.

Raised on a diet of Point books and Pepsi, only willing to leave her den to attend chess club at public school, W.H. Lockwood started writing at a young age and has kept this passion throughout her life.

Always a voracious reader, she obtained an undergraduate degree in literary studies from a gorgeous sandstone university, following that with a master’s degree in publishing and editing, then another master’s degree in astronomy, thus uniting her two great loves of the arts and science, leaving her utterly unqualified to cope with the real world.

These days, W.H. Lockwood works as a professional editor and can often be found aimlessly wandering through the coffee shops and bookstores of the beautiful city she calls home.

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A Lesson in Love and Death is available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback (and is available through Kindle Unlimited), and don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads list!