SPSFC Blog Announcement

I am very excited to announce that I am a judge for SPSFC2 — aka the second Self-Published Science-Fiction Competition!

The Self-Published Science-Fiction Competition (SPSFC) is in its second year, and is organised by the author Hugh Howey and Duncan Swan.

It’s based on the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off competition, created by Mark Lawrence, and together they are a fantastic way to promote self-published fiction (which some of you may know is something I really care about!).

What is SPSFC?

SPSFC collects 300 entries from self-published authors. There’s a few rules, such as each book has to be a stand-alone or the first in a series (the full list of rules is available on the SPSFC website). There are 10 teams of judges, who are each allocated around 30 books each.

The first round involves each judge reading 10-20% of their allocated books, and selecting which ones they would like to continue reading. The list is whittled down to just 30 semi-finalists.

The contest eventually ends with 7 finalists and 1 winner.

This all takes a long time (as you can imagine!) — the winner won’t be announced until 15th July 2023!

About my team, ScienceFiction.News

I am excited to be on the team 10, ScienceFiction.News, along with several others —

Our Round One books

I can’t wait to start reading — here are the books we have in our first round (we have 28), listed in alphabetical order:

SPSFC2 - Team 10 Round 1 Books part 1

  • Blackcoats: Dead Man Walking, by Michael Lachman — Amazon link
  • Dark Theory, by Wick Welker — Amazon link
  • Dim Stars: A Novel of Outer Space, by Brian P. Rubin — Amazon link
  • Dropnauts (Liminal Sky: Redemption Cycle Book One), by J. Scott Coatsworth — Amazon link
  • Exchanger (Book 1 of the Exchanger series), by K. E. Brungardt — Amazon link

SPSFC2 - Team 10 Round 1 Books part 2

  • Eye of the Storm (Book One of the Storm Cycle), by R. K. King — Amazon link
  • Godeena (Godeena Codex Book 1), by Stjepan Cobets — Amazon link
  • Leveled Up Love, by Tao Wong and A. G. Marshall — Amazon link
  • Mobius, by Vincent Vale — Amazon link
  • Moon, by Kenneth Buff — Amazon link

SPSFC2 - Team 10 Round 1 Books part 3

  • Old Bolts (An Ironshield novel), by Edward Nile — Amazon link
  • One-Eyed Eben and the Planet Jumping Giant from Outer Space (Book One of the All-Jumper Odyssey), by Jeffrey Hall — Amazon link
  • Pale Boundaries, by Scott Cleveland — Amazon link
  • Sequela, by Cleland Smith — Amazon link
  • Skywatch, by Steve Davala — Amazon link

SPSFC2 - Team 10 Round 1 Books part 4

  • Star Nations (Loyalty and Honor Book 1), by James Michael Minard — Amazon link
  • Starborn (the Book of Ominiue 1), by D. M. Barnham — Amazon link
  • Starhelm Epsilon, by David Viergatz
  • Synthesis: Weave, by Rexx Deane — Amazon link
  • The First Run (The Sea of Stars Book 1), by Eli Freysson — Amazon link

SPSFC2 - Team 10 Round 1 Books part 5

  • The Last Gifts of the Universe, by Ruby August — Amazon link
  • The Nemesis Effect, by Michael Shotter — Amazon link
  • The Patmos Revelation, by Carl Jamieson — Amazon link
  • The Peacemaker’s Code, by Deepak Malhotra — Amazon link
  • The Veiled Edge of Contact, by James Brayken — Amazon link

SPSFC2 - Team 10 Round 1 Books part 6

  • They Will be Coming For Us (The Jovian Duology Book 1), by Kim Catanzarite — Amazon link
  • Wistful Ascending (Hybrid Helix Book 1), by J. C. M. Berne — Amazon link
  • Zombie Walkabout, by Phillip Murrell — Amazon link

I deliberately haven’t read much about each book (I didn’t want to be biased by any reviews already out there, for example). But from the covers alone I am really excited to dive in soon.

Good luck to all of the entrants!