The Colour of Summer by Victoria Connelly

We’re back in the beautiful Sussex Downs in The Colour of Summer by Victoria Connelly.

Thank you to Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources for sending me an ARC of The Colour of Summer in return for an honest review.

This is the third book in the series The House in the Clouds — I have read and reviewed the first book, The House in the Clouds, and the second, High Blue Sky. I really enjoyed them! So I was very excited to read the final installment.

Abi, Edward, Aura and Harry are still living in Winfield Hall in the Sussex Downs. They have been welcomed by two new tenants, Samantha and Tim — while Tim is settling in well, Samantha is causing difficulties with her noisy lifestyle. And Edward and Abi still have yet to confess their feelings for each other!

You can find The Colour of Summer on Amazon in paperback and Kindle — it was released today, 21st June 2022! It’s also available to read through Kindle Unlimited.

My Review

Being in love was wonderful at any time of the year, but being in love in the summer — and an English summer where the sun blesses you with warmth and light each and every day — that was a magical experience.

It was wonderful to get back to Winfield Hall — as before, Victoria really captures the essence of the house as being bright and airy, and the books feel warm and comforting (even in the scary, dramatic moments, of which there are a few!). I really enjoyed this final installment.

This book switches between perspectives from all four main characters: Edward, Harry, Abi and Aura. All four are very likeable and relatable. We learn more about each character’s past, too — Aura visits her mother for the first time in the books. Edward’s wayward brother, Oscar, is also back in this book (and no, he hasn’t changed after the events of High Blue Sky!).

I loved seeing Aura and Harry’s romance develop, and how Aura’s relationship with his family has deepened. It was really touching how they have embraced Aura as part of their family, and I loved that his mother apologies for her previous behaviour.

But the main thing I wanted to know was, will Abi and Edward finally confess their feelings for each other? For the last two books they have been skirting around the question, with both too scared to open up about how they feel. And when Abi started dating Oscar in High Blue Sky it looked like their romance might never happen. But at the start of The Colour of Summer, Edward is determined to change that. I absolutely loved Edward and Abi’s sections because I just wanted to know what might happen. I have loved following their journey.

This is such a fantastic, romantic and touching series. The characters are so well-written, relatable and likeable. The whole setting just felt soothing, relaxing and cozy — I love seeing Sussex through Victoria’s eyes! If you are looking for a perfect summer read, I can’t recommend this series more. And it’s the perfect time to read the books too as now the series is completed, so no waiting to find out what happens next!

The blurb for The Colour of Summer

How long can you hide your past from the one you love?

When Abigail and Edward became co-owners of historic Winfield Hall in the beautiful Sussex countryside, they had little idea what the future held. But, as the days of summer lengthen, their feelings towards one another grow and love begins to blossom.

Harry and Aura have been a couple for a year now and, with the summer solstice approaching, Harry hatches a very special plan. He just hopes that the sun, moon and the stars are all in alignment.

But not everything is going to plan. Life has a way of catching up with you and it isn’t long before Abi discovers that Edward’s been lying about his past, and the family secrets he’s been hiding now threaten their future happiness. Can Edward make amends for his mistakes and will Abi ever be able to forgive and trust him again?

Heartwarming and uplifting, The Colour of Summer is the final book in The House in the Clouds trilogy by bestselling author Victoria Connelly.

A picture of Victoria Connelly, the author of The Beauty of Broken ThingsAbout the author, Victoria Connelly

Victoria Connelly lives in a 500-year old thatched cottage in rural Suffolk with her artist husband, a springer spaniel and a flock of ex-battery hens. She is the million-selling author of two bestselling series, The Austen Addicts and The Book Lovers, as well as many other novels and novellas. Her first published novel, Flights of Angels, was made into a film in Germany. Victoria loves books, films, walking, historic buildings and animals. If she isn’t at her keyboard writing, she can usually be found in her garden either with a trowel in her hand or a hen on her lap.

You can find out more about Victoria on her website, on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

You can find The Colour of Summer on Amazon in paperback and Kindle — it was released today, 21st June 2022! It’s also available to read through Kindle Unlimited.

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