Lecari.co.uk Weekly Round Up 1

Last week I posted 3 blogs: 2 author interviews with Marcus Lee and David T Bosquez, and 1 blogger interview with Jupiter Hadley.

I post 3-4 times a week on my blog, and so I’ve decided to go with weekly updates on what’s happening on the blog so it’s less overwhelming. Last week, I posted 3 blog posts, and you can read about them below.

Author interview with Marcus Lee

I have read and enjoyed Marcus’s debut trilogy, The Gifted and The Cursed, and absolutely loved them. So he was a natural choice for my very first author interview. I was delighted when he said yes!

“The inspiration to complete this work came from a discussion with my son…. we came up with a plan for me to write a book for my son, for him to write one for his children, and so on, a tradition for every generation to follow. Then, in years to come, there’d be a bookshelf groaning with dozens of family written novels.”

You can read my interview with Marcus here.

Interview with Jupiter Hadley

Jupiter Hadley is a blogger who writes about days out, reviews and time with her family – as well as being one of my best friends. I interviewed her as the first in my blogger reviews!

“I do not give books, video games, or anything, really, star ratings. I find that star ratings don’t make much sense. “

You can read my interview with Jupiter here.

Interview with David T. Bosquez

David is author of the Nordic-inspired poetry collection, A Call from the Gods. I’ve known him for many years so it was great to interview him about his writing!

“The most memorable reaction was having someone praise the poetry in A Call From The Gods, and that has stuck with me. It’s something that if you had told me 10 years ago would be real, I’d have laughed and brushed it off. Depression is a cruel friend, but one I struggle with.”

You can read my interview with David here.

Plans for this week

This week I have two author interviews, a blogger interview plus some book reviews going up, including a review of The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice by Fred Yu, a debut Chinese-based fantasy that I really enjoyed and previewed on my blog a few weeks ago!