Lecari.co.uk Weekly Round Up 2

Last week I posted 4 blogs: an author interview with Terry Tyler, 2 book reviews, and 1 blogger interview with Jake.

I post 3-4 times a week on my blog, and so I’ve decided to go with weekly updates on what’s happening on the blog so it’s less overwhelming. You can see last week’s update (blog posts from w/c 4th October) here.

Last week, I posted 4 blog posts, and you can read about them below.

Book review of High Blue Sky by Victoria Connelly

I read and reviewed the first book in this series, The House in the Clouds, last summer and loved it, so I was delighted to read High Blue Sky. It is set at Winfield Hall in the beautiful Sussex Downs, which has been split into flats by the owners Edward and Abi. The book follows the residents of the house and their lives: Edward, Abi, Harry and latest resident, Aura.

This is another amazing read from Victoria. It’s incredibly comforting, with beautifully described scenes of the Sussex countryside during summertime. The characters are all so well created and three-dimensional. Plus, I really enjoyed the romance… I can’t wait to read the third book in the series!

Read the full review of High Blue Sky here.

Author interview with Terry Tyler

I first met Terry Tyler last year after reviewing her amazing dystopian novel, Wasteland. I absolutely loved it! Since then we have spoken a lot via Twitter. Terry is a big advocate for the writing community, as well as being a published author of over 20 books. It was great to catch up with her about her writing and her inspiration, as well as what she has planned next!

I don’t think I’ve ever thought, ‘I want to be a writer’. I just wrote. Then I suppose I became one, when the books started to sell. It’s not something I think about, though; I didn’t refer to myself as ‘a writer’ until quite recently.

Read the full interview with Terry here.

Blogger interview with Jake of Jake is Reading

Jake is a sci-fi and fantasy blogger on the website jakeisreading. I’m a big admirer of his review style and we have pretty similar tastes in books — so I love his recommendations! He’s an inspiration to me and I was really excited to chat to him in this interview.

This is the second time I’ve been interviewed for someone else’s blog, which is such an awesome experience! Reading and reviewing can be a rather solitary hobby, so it’s a really nice feeling when someone is interested in your opinion and experiences.

Read the full interview with Jake here.

Book review of The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice by Fred Yu

The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice follows Feng, an 18-year-old who is son of the Tiger General Mu. He and his friends are ambushed by bandits after a heavy night of drinking, and while Feng manages to get away, his friends are murdered. Feng realises that this isn’t just a random attack — there is a huge conspiracy plot to try and capture him. Can he stop the enemy and defend his country?

The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice really hooked me from the very first chapter. It’s possibly the first fantasy I’ve read that’s set in Ancient China and I really enjoyed it!

Read the full review of The Orchid Farmer’s Sacrifice here.

Plans for this week

This week, I have author interviews with Kamaya Tarpley and Anna Klapdor, an interview with fantasy blogger Alex of Spells & Spaceships, and a book review of Paladin Unbound by Jeffrey Speight.