Lecari.co.uk Weekly Round Up 3

Last week I posted 3 blogs: author interviews with Kamaya Tarpley and Anna Klapdor, and an interview with fellow blogger, Alex.

I post 3-4 times a week on my blog, and so I’ve decided to go with weekly updates on what’s happening on the blog so it’s less overwhelming. You can see last week’s update (blog posts from w/c 11th October) here.

Last week, I posted 3 blog posts (all interviews!) and you can read about them below.

Interview with Kamaya Tarpley

Kamaya Tarpley has self-published 11 books so far, across various genres. I was thrilled to speak to Kamaya and find out about her writing inspiration and the impact her work has had on other Black and POC authors.

Ironically I was not inspired by any other Black or POC authors. I was actually inspired by the fact that there are so few and they’re lumped into categories based on their skin colors. I really hope to change that one day.

You can read my interview with Kamaya here.

Interview with Anna Klapdor

I first came across Anna Klapdor when I read her short story in the fantastic anthology Heads and Tales. Her story, written collaboratively with Danai Christopoulou, was one of my favourites from the collection. She has recently published her first novel, The Hand That Feeds, featuring neurodiverse and queer characters in a post-climate change world. I was delighted to catch up with Anna and find out more about her life, her writing process, and her journey as an author so far.

In early 2020, I received the diagnosis that I am autistic. That has been a turning point for me. I realized that I had been masking my autism all my life, that I was exhausting myself to an unhealthy degree and experiencing autistic burnout regularly as a result. So, I quit my day job, took a break from everything except writing, and writing actually helped me get back on my feet. I decided that now was as good a time as any to start going about this seriously.

You can read my interview with Anna here.

Interview with Alex of Spells and Spaceships

Alex of Spells and Spaceships started his blog two years ago. Since then, he’s created the yearly event, Norsevember, and the SFF Badge Collection to encourage people to read more. He’s a great ambassador in the writing community and a huge inspiration so it was great to talk to him.

I’d followed some book bloggers and publishers on my personal account for a while and wanted to make a dedicated account to mainly just focus on the bookish, slightly nerdy side of my interests rather than a general football and music account that my friends follow. Starting reviewing was partly a way to become more involved in the community, support authors and keep track of books I’d read in more detail.

You can read my interview with Alex here.

Plans for this week

This week I will be posting 2 author interviews, 2 book reviews, about my weekend at Blackpool Expo and a spotlight post for a new dark fantasy novel (hopefully!).