In the first of my blogger interviews, I speak to Jupiter Hadley, a blogger who writes about reviews, days out and time with her family!

I have known Jupiter Hadley for several years now and consider her one of my best friends. She has had her own blog for many years now and she encouraged me to set up my own. I was nervous about creating a blog and whether anyone would be interested in what I had to say, and she motivated me to give it a try. I’ve had this blog for almost two years and so I am very pleased that I did! So it seems quite fitting for Jupiter to be the first of my blogger interviews.

Jupiter has a website over at Life with Jupiter and Dann, where she writes about her life with her partner Dann and their family, including days out, reviews and children’s books. She posts almost everyday and I am always so impressed by her hard work, dedication and organisational skills! We’ve been to lots of fun events together, including Lightopia Festival, the Artbox Café in Brighton (several times!) and Cecily Day Spa.

In this interview, I catch up with Jupiter to find out more about her, her blogging habits and some of her proudest achievements s a blogger.

Tell me about yourself.

Jupiter HadleyMy name is Jupiter and I live just outside of London in England. I am originally from Upstate New York, where there are more cows then people, however I have been living in England for most of my adult life. When it comes to work, I work in the video game industry, as a community manager to a very popular Roblox game and studio. This is my main job, however, I also do freelance games journalism and licensing management from time to time. I live with my partner Dann (who also blogs with me from time to time) and my three step-children, Robin, Amelia and Kai. We spent a lot of time going on adventures and trying new food, and enjoyed a wide range of hobbies, really!

Tell me about your blog. When did you start blogging and what inspired or motivated you to begin?

I started blogging when I first came to England, 7 years or so ago. I used to blog about where I was, so that people back home could follow me on my adventure. Over time, however, my blog shifted to a portfolio site, mainly focusing on the gaming events I attended and countries I visited. When I moved in with Dann — who has awesome SEO skills and web design skills — it became more of a lifestyle blog, featuring our family, and including loads of reviews, days out, and more. I’m pretty motivated by my love of both writing and consistency.

What type of books do you usually read/review? What are your favourite genres?

Well, I don’t often find myself sitting down and reading unless I really love the topic of the book or unless it’s captured my eye in some way. However, on our blog, we cover a lot of children’s story books due to having three children who love reading themselves. We do bedtime stories each and every night as a part of our routine, which means we go through a lot of simple story books! Many of these are reviewed under our Book Reviews section, and showcase a variety of authors and themes which are all aimed at young children.

Do you give your books star ratings? How do you feel about rating books?

I do not give books, video games, or anything, really, star ratings. I find that star ratings don’t make much sense. Nobody ever seems to give lower than 3 stars out of 5, so everything seems to be stuck a bit above the middle, regardless of how they hold up to previous things rated within the same rating. It’s just not something I have cared so much about.

What’s your blogging routine? How do you keep track of your events and books to review?

At the moment, I blog each and every morning. I wake up before the sun, and sit down, to write up whatever I currently have on my list. We try to post one blog post a day, often getting the pictures taken midday if it is a review, and writing up the thing in the morning. I have a few Google Documents which list items that I need to review, when I need to review it, what events I need to go to and write up, when, and ideas for more cornerstone content. I have both a physical and digital calendar of the events I want to attend, and I have an email folder full of press tickets!

How have COVID and lockdowns changed your blogging routine? Do you focus on different content than before?

Before COVID and Lockdown, we spent more time doing restaurant reviews and going out. This changed, obviously, when it came to being limited in our content, but we adapted. Now that things are opening up, we are really enjoying getting out to new experiences and sharing those with our audience, though I do not think that it changed our blogging routine much!

What’s your favourite reading spot?

I tend to read on our couch, in our living room! We have a lot of natural lighting due to the large windows in our home, and wrapping up on the couch, with a soft blanket and whatever book I am thumbing through is my favorite place to read.

What are some of your proudest achievements as a blogger?

Last year, I was really proud of completing Blogtober and Blogmas, which were both big challenges for us. Since then, we have been very consistent on posting almost each and every day. I am also really proud of our DA, which is quite high! We are working hard to continue to grow our DA and ensure our Google Ranking is good.

What are some of your favourite authors? And favourite bloggers you’d like to give a shoutout to? (please include links where possible!)

Again, I don’t actually read a lot of books so I don’t have a favorite author! I like thrillers when it comes to reading in my spare time. When it comes to bloggers, I really enjoy yourself, as well as The Rare Welsh Bit, which covers a lot of food-related things and cool places in England. Her photography skills are amazing!

And finally, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

That is such a big question! I would say the most useful bit of advice I have received is:

Never say no to an opportunity, as you never know what it could lead to.

About Jupiter Hadley

Visit Jupiter’s blog, Life with Jupiter and Dann, to find out more about her and her life, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with her news and updates.