B21 at Artbox Cafe in Brighton

I had lunch at the ARTBOX Café in Brighton, which is now themed around LINE FRIENDS and B21 Tasty Universe!

I have been to the ARTBOX Café a few times now and it is always a great time. So when I heard that they have updated the theme, I had to give it a try! I visited with my boyfriend David and my friends (and fellow bloggers!) Jupiter and Dann — you can read their review of the day here!

This new theme is in place until Autumn 2021, so you have plenty of time to pop down and try it yourself! It is really easy to find, located in East Street in the Lanes in Brighton.

About the café

The downstairs area of the café is currently an ice cream parlour, selling a huge range of ice creams to take away, and a store selling LINE FRIENDS and B21 merchandise. All the merchandise is sectioned by character and there is a huge amount of choice in a relatively small space! Many of the items are exclusive to the ARTBOX store or hard to find outside of South Korea.

The café is upstairs, and I absolutely loved the theme! The pastel colours are super cute, with lots of pictures of the LINE FRIENDS and B21 characters everywhere. Each item on the menu is themed around a character too.

There are four main meals to choose from: BT21 Universtar toastie, Cooky Workout Hot Dog, Chimmy Corn Soup and the RJ Omnomnom Curry. Prices range between £7 and £12. There’s also a range of desserts: the Tata Space Sundae, the Shooky Chocolate Waffle, Mang Vanilla Pudding and Koya Fruity Donut. You can also mix and match ice cream to make your own B21 sundae. Each is between £8 and £9. Almost all the items on the menu are vegan as standard or they have a vegan option, and there are gluten free options too.

My review

I ordered the Cooky Workout Hot Dog and a caramel latte to start. I loved the hot dog! It was tasty and came with a cardboard Cooky (which I kept!). Cooky loves exercise and so the hot dog came with a 7kg label on the fries and the cheese were cut into dumbbells. It came with a tiny ‘protein shake’ which was so cute — a strawberry milkshake with chia seeds, topped with a strawberry and whipped cream! The latte came in a Cooky mug. A nice touch is that all drink orders receive a free coaster, like before — there’s 7 to collect, each themed on a different character!

For dessert I had the Shooky Chocolate Waffle. Like the main, this was themed — the chocolate ice cream on top was made to look like Shooky! It also came with some vanilla syrup in a tiny milk bottle which was really cute.

Unfortunately, we did have issues with the service on this visit. This is my fourth time at the cafe and up until now it’s been great. After we finished our main meal, we had quite a long wait until a waiter cleared our plates. It seemed like the waiter assigned to our table went on break, and the other members of staff didn’t cover. When we asked about dessert, we were told that there may not be time (as each table is only kept for an hour). Fortunately, we were able to order dessert as there wasn’t another party booked for our table until half an hour after our booking ended, but it was disappointing when we had been sat waiting for 20 minutes. I could understand the delay if it was busy but it was very quiet — by this point there was only one other table occupied.

My order in total came to £24 for all three items. The food was tasty and filling, but mostly you are paying for the fun theme and the atmosphere. The free coaster was a nice touch and made me want to go back to collect the rest. While it is pricey for the food alone, if you enjoy themed restaurants and like South Korean culture then it is well worth a visit. I had a really good time and will definitely be back later in the year!

Planning your visit

The ARTBOX Café will keep the LINE FRIENDS & B21 Tasty Universe theme until autumn 2021, when the theme will change again. It’s previously been themed around Pusheen and Gudetama the Lazy Egg.

You must book your table in advance and there is currently holding fee of £5 per person (discounted from your bill). Visit the ARTBOX website for directions, opening times and to book.

ARTBOX also has a store in Covent Garden in London, for all of their characters — visit their website for directions and opening times.