The cover of Tripping the Multiverse by Alison Lyke

Tripping the Multiverse is a brand new sci-fi by Alison Lyke, and the first book in a new series called Jade & Antigone!

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Tripping the Multiverse follows Jade and Antigone, two science journalists. The two women go to view the test of a teleporter using an electron collider. Unfortunately, the test goes wrong and creates a paradox. In addition, the two are forever changed — Jade gains the ability to shape-shift and Antigone can see portals into other worlds. During the experiment a fellow journalist gets trapped in another dimension. Jade and Anti realise that they must not only embark on a rescue mission, they must fix the paradox too.

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My review

There is no more beauty in the wilderness than there is in our home, but there is more adventure.

Tripping the Multiverse is a super fun sci-fi! I sped through this book in a couple of hours as I didn’t want to put it down. It’s incredibly well-written, creative and imaginative!

I loved both Antigone and Jade’s characters. They are both distinctive and colourful characters, with well-written, vivid back stories. I loved seeing their friendship develop throughout the book. Their conversations and back-and-forth is entertaining from the very first page. Both are very different — Jade is shy and introverted, while Anti is the total opposite. But both are very endearing and I liked both of them! Some of Anti’s one-liners made me laugh out loud (“I wouldn’t suspect you capable of treachery. You never seemed that interesting.” is a particular favourite!).

Throughout the book, Jade and Antigone travel to multiple worlds. While I have read books about other planets or other worlds in the past, generally they tend to be similar to our own world. In Tripping the Multiverse, each one is totally different, incredibly vivid and imaginative. My favourite is when they visit Aperture and meet their liaison officer, Adellum, who uses slang straight from the 90s (calling things ‘far out’ and ‘whack’).

Tripping the Multiverse is a fantastic read and so much fun, with two endearing female main characters. This is the first book in a new series and I can’t wait to find what Jade and Antigone get up to next.

The blurb for Tripping the Multiverse

As a science journalist, Jade has seen more than her fair share of peculiar oddities—none weirder than her socially inept fellow reporter Antigone. When the test of a teleporter using an electron collider goes awry, the two women find their world changed in subtle ways, with anomalies breaking out in their personal lives. Their increasingly unstable dimension gives Jade the ability to shapeshift while Antigone can see portals into other worlds.

A fellow journalist who attended the experiment is trapped in another dimension and Jade and Antigone hold the key to saving him. Of course, their task is not just a simple rescue mission. Realizing they will continue to drift into increasingly stranger worlds until they straighten out the paradox, the women reluctantly agree to travel through the multiverse in search of a solution.

The author of Tripping the Multiverse, Alison LykeAbout the author, Alison Lyke

I’m an author and an English and Communications professor from Rochester, NY. I’m an insatiable reader and a dedicated writer. I’ve spent many years honing my skills and I now enjoy helping others find and explore their own voices. I write fantasy and science fiction and I aim to captivate and inspire. I’ve written two published novels: a modern mythology titled Honey, which came out in 2013 and Forever People, a cyberpunk science fiction slated to come out in the spring of 2019. I also regularly contribute poetry and short stories to literary magazines.

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