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Catch up with vampire slayer Anton Yoska in The Lazarus Child by Jay Raven, the third novel in the Blood Riders series.

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Last year I read the first two books in the Blood Riders series and really enjoyed them (check out my review of the second book, Daylight’s Deadly Kiss) so I was really excited to read the next instalment, The Lazarus Child. Obviously there will be some spoilers here for the previous books! In The Lazarus Child, Anton, the legendary vampire slayer, has begun to slip — Terek’s parting comments at the end of the previous book about his daughter still being alive continues to haunt him. Meanwhile, it’s King Leopold’s birthday — and he has just survived another assassination attempt. He calls for Tomas, Anton’s apprentice, to pay back his debt from the previous book, but it means leaving Anton and Quintz behind.

You can find The Lazarus Child on Goodreads and buy a Kindle copy on Amazon.

My review

What a great ride this book is! From the first page, I was sucked back into Jay’s world. It’s well-written with a great story and fantastic characters.

I really felt for Anton in this book — I could really feel his despair about his daughter, and his desperation in wanting to find her again. It was great to see how the relationship between Anton, Quintz and Tomas had grown. The characters are so well-written and believable that I found it hard to put this book down.

I finished the previous book hoping to see more from Tomas and The Lazarus Child certainly delivered! Tomas has really grown up as a character and a lot of this book focuses on him and his adventures. I really enjoyed his sections of the book and learning more about his past. He is really loyal to Anton as well as being a faithful Christian — for example, he refuses to lie even when it might save his life and those of others, as it would go against his beliefs. He is incredibly likeable and I really enjoyed his sections of the book.

As before, the story is really fast-paced and kept me engaged throughout. The story switches point of view between Leopold, Anton and Tomas which kept the story flowing and exciting!

My only criticism is about a common trope in fiction set in the past regarding corsets: “She ground her teeth as her maid tugged harder and harder on the corset laces. The pressure was unbearable, her insides squeezing together to a point where she feared permanent injury, causing her to question how other women were able to endure it.” As someone who has worn corsets for many years, they are really not the painful monstrosities that they are made out to be in books and film and I do get quite tired of hearing about how awful they are. (This fantastic YouTube video by Karolina Żebrowska explains it well!) But this is a common trope in fiction, and it’s not relevant to the story, so I can forgive Jay for this one 😉

The vampires in this series are strong, cunning and fierce opponents. The final scenes are really gripping and I raced through this book! This is a great installment in the Blood Riders series, and a definite must-read for vampire fans! The Lazarus Child ends on a cliffhanger so I do hope there is another book in the series on the way!

The blurb for The Lazarus Child

To save his missing daughter a distraught slayer must venture deep into the heart of darkness.

Legendary vampire hunter Anton Yoska is on the edge, tormented by the rumour that the precious child he once thought dead is still alive and lost in a world of monsters.

One creature alone knows for sure what happened to Gretchen, but Terek Modjeski won’t divulge his secret — revelling in the twisted power over his long-time foe.

Despairing and drinking heavily, Anton stumbles from near disaster to near disaster as he puts his team in jeopardy, testing their friendship and loyalty to snapping point.

Only one diabolical solution is possible — to confront Terek in his maximum security cell and force the bloodsucker to end his game of cat and mouse. But making the cunning infernal talk will mean employing brutal methods that go against every code Anton has ever lived by, forcing him to become as much of a demon as the leeches he hunts.

Face to face with the evil, taunting vampire, the desperate slayer takes a decision that will change his destiny forever — sending him hurtling into danger to confront a terrifying truth about his lost child that risks not only his sanity but the future of mankind.

Jay Raven, author of the Blood Riders seriesAbout the Author, Jay Raven

Jay Raven is the author of Gothic chillers and historical horror reminding readers that the past is a dangerous place to venture, full of monsters and murderous men. He blames his fascination with vampires, witches and werewolves on the Hammer Horror films he watched as a teenager, but living in a creepy old house on the edge of a 500-acre wood may have something to do with it.

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You can find The Lazarus Child on Goodreads and buy a Kindle copy on Amazon.

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