The cover of The Ice Killer by Ross Greenwood

DI Barton and his team are back in Ross Greenwood’s third book in the series, The Ice Killer

Thank you to Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources and Boldwood Books for organising this book tour and giving me an Advanced Review Copy of The Ice Killer in return for an honest review.

The book begins with our serial killer going on a date on Valentine’s Day. She has always been unlucky in love, but hopes this time it might be different. Her best friend, Scarlett Star, helps her to get ready. But after the date turns into another one night stand, our killer looks into her past to try and figure out where things went wrong.

The Ice Killer is available on Amazon on Kindle, audiobook and in paperback. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited.

My review

Earlier this year I read (and loved) the first two books in this series, The Snow Killer and The Soul Killer. (Make sure you check out my review of The Soul Killer!) The Ice Killer kicks off where the previous book ended, and launches us straight back into the action. It certainly didn’t disappoint!

I really enjoy the writing style of this series. Half the book is written from the serial killer’s perspective and half from DI Barton’s. This made me really empathise with the killer. At one point, she says to her best friend Scarlett: “It’s crazy, but I kept thinking that once I sorted a man out, you know, got married, then the rest would come. I’d build my social life around us as a couple. With that mad thought in mind, I desperately threw myself into destructive relationships and ditched anyone who was boring, even if they were kind. I should have built my life around myself and my friends. Then the men could come to me. I’ve been a fool.” I felt huge sympathy for her and I’m sure this is a regret that many others can relate to.

DI Barton is also a great character and very easy to relate to. At the end of the previous book, his superior announced her maternity leave and Barton is promoted to cover her. Throughout the book, he struggles with this new role and the added responsibility, and whether he wants to take on the more desk-based management position. It’s also great to read the scenes between he and Holly, who have a loving, happy relationship.

This is an incredibly gripping story that’s full of suspense with excellent characters. I was hooked from start to finish! The themes around how vulnerable people fall through the cracks in the support system and how easy it is to fall into self-destructive behaviour without that support are brilliant and very well handled. I also love that Ross Greenwood is able to make you sympathise with a serial killer, with an ending that leaves mixed feelings. This is a book that will stick with me for a while, and I really hope that Ross will write further books in this series!

The blurb for The Ice Killer

Once, her heart was empty. Now it’s filled with ice…

Ellen’s therapist told her to forget the past, but the life she’s left with is boring. All she wants is to be happy and normal, but the approaching long bleak nights of winter loom heavy before her, especially as she’ll be alone.

But when the secrets her mother put in place to protect her are exposed, Ellen learns the frightening truth. Her history is darker than she imagined. She’s not who she thinks she is, and the real her is a very different person to the one that others have mistreated and exploited.

If there’s hope of a future, Ellen must find answers about the past, and the new Ellen is less forgiving. This winter, there will be more than just discontent, and DI Barton will struggle in his hardest case to date.

How can he find the truth when all the victims and witnesses are dead?

Ross Greenwood, the author of The Ice KillerAbout the author, Ross Greenwood

Ross Greenwood writes gritty, heart-pounding thrillers, with twists aplenty, and unforgettable endings. Perfect for fans of Mark Billingham and Stuart MacBride.

He is the author of six crime thrillers. Before becoming a full-time writer he was most recently a prison officer and so worked everyday with murderers, rapists and thieves for four years. He lives in Peterborough.

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The Ice Killer is available on Amazon on Kindle, audiobook and in paperback. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited.