The pumpkin patch at Hatter's Farm in Takeley

Last weekend I visited Hatter’s Farm in Takeley to pick a pumpkin, and it was a fantastic afternoon!

Every year I see signs for ‘pick your own pumpkin’ patches around the Essex and Hertfordshire border. I live in quite a rural area so there are loads around, and despite being a huge fan of Halloween and everything spooky, I’ve never visited one! So I was super excited when my friend invited me last weekend to visit the pumpkin patch in Hatter’s Farm in Takeley, near Bishop’s Stortford.

While we were able to just turn up, they do advise that you buy your ticket in advance through their website.

Video from the day out

My friend Chattin’ Squit made a video from our day out — watch above for the video of our day and his pumpkin carving tutorial.

The Maize Maze

While we visited to pick out a pumpkin at their huge pumpkin patch, we were super excited to find that there were several activities there to enjoy. One of these was the ‘Maize maize’, made from a corn field. I’ve never been in a Maize Maize before and had a great time! It cost £2.50 each to enter and we spent several days walking around lost inside.

The Maize Maze at Hatter's Farm
The Maize Maze at Hatter’s Farm

As well as being great fun to explore, Hatter’s Farm had also added signposts, each with a different letter on. These signs all spelt out an anagram so it gave us motivation to explore every corner of the maze!

Pumpkin cannon

As well as the Maize Maze, they also had a pumpkin cannon which allowed you to shoot at several spooky themed targets with both onions and squashes. Apparently they are the first pumpkin patch in the UK to have a pumpkin cannon!

Unfortunately, by the time we made it out of the Maize Maze, the cannon had closed — but you can read all about this fun activity on Dann and Jupiter’s blog!

Pick your own pumpkin

Obviously this was the main event from the afternoon. I had never picked a pumpkin before and so it was a lot of fun to see them out in the wild.

As well as the traditional orange pumpkins, there were lots of different types. For example, we loved the Turk’s Turban pumpkins, which were totally unique and unlike anything else I’ve seen. They also had ghost pumpkins, which are white and perfect for a monochrome Halloween display! I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of pumpkins and squashes out there.

I completed the Maize Maze at Hatter's Farm

Visiting Hatter’s Farm

Hatter’s Farm is located in Takeley, near Bishop’s Stortford. Their Halloween event runs from 23rd to 31st October, and entry is free. However, they do recommend that you book your place in advance. We also had to register our details for Track and Trace. Prices for the pumpkins vary depending on the size you buy, from just £1 for a tiny pumpkin to £12 for the whoppers.

While this year’s Halloween event is now over, they run this every year, as well as other festive events.

You can find out more about Hatter’s Farm on their website, or visit them on Instagram @hattersfarm and Facebook.