The cover of The Quality of Mercy by Malia Zaidi

The Quality of Mercy by Malia Zaidi is the fifth murder mystery in the Lady Evelyn series, set in 1920s London.

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Set in the 1920s, Lady Evelyn has now moved to London and has decided to open her own detective agency. She very quickly finds her first two cases. In the first, her fianceé’s butler is accused of murdering his sister’s husband. In the second, her old school friend is accused of killing his father. With the help of her assistant Hugh and her old friend Lucas Stanton (now a police detective), Lady Evelyn sets out to solve both crimes.

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My review

The Quality of Mercy is the fifth book in the Lady Evelyn series. I have read the first book in the series (A Poisonous Journey) and I will certainly be catching up with the rest after reading this latest instalment!

I really liked Lady Evelyn, or Evie to her friends. The story is told from her perspective (first person POV). As well as discussing the murders and events of the story, she also has many interesting insights about the world too. She has a very modern attitude, wanting her own independence. I liked that in this book, she begins to realise how much privilege she has — particularly after visiting Whitechapel and seeing the poverty others face. I also liked her relationship with her fiancee, Daniel. They are a great couple, and he is also very modern — respecting Evie’s headstrong nature and her choice to have her own career (even if he doesn’t quite understand it!).

I also love the setting of these books! I find the 1920s to be a very interesting period of history, shortly after WWI and all the change that this caused. There are mentions of the war throughout the story, with many of the male characters having served. The impact that the Great War would have had on these men is not shied away from, either.

The story itself moves at a good pace — a mix of social engagements with Evie’s friends and aunt, as well as solving the murder, which I enjoyed. Her friends and the society she mixes with are all interesting characters!

The Quality of Mercy is well-written, with lots of vivid descriptions of society and I was whisked away into Evie’s world from the start. It is a fantastic read — I really enjoyed it, and I will be reading the rest of the series. It’s the perfect escapism, with its glamorous 1920s setting!

The blurb for The Quality of Mercy

After years spent away, Lady Evelyn is at long last back in her home city of London and she has returned with a rather controversial plan. The Carlisle Detective Agency is born, and it does not take long for the bodies… ahem, cases, to start piling up. With her friend and assistant Hugh, Evelyn embarks on the quest to solve the crimes. Yet the London she encounters is not the London of her coddled youth, and she is forced to learn that there is more to discover than the identity of a murderer. It isn’t only her city which reveals it is not what she always believed it to be, but the people she encounters as well. Secrets are revealed that have her thinking twice about everything she thought she knew about the society in which she grew up.

Evelyn’s love for her hard-won independence confronts her with yet another mystery, whether she is ready or willing to give up any of it for marriage. And then there is the arrival of rather a familiar face in London, one Daniel is none too pleased to see. Evelyn must find not one but two murderers, as well as make a decision that could determine her future. From the mansions of Mayfair to the dark alleys of Whitechapel, can Evelyn catch the killers before another life is taken?

Malia Zaidi, the author of The Quality of MercyAbout the author, Malia Zaidi

Malia Zaidi is the author of the Lady Evelyn Mysteries. She studied at the University of Pittsburgh and at the University of Oxford.

Having grown up in Germany, she currently lives in Washington DC, though through her love of reading, she resides vicariously (if temporarily) in countries around the world.

You can find out more about Malia on her website, or keep up-to-date with her latest news on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

You can add The Quality of Mercy to your shelf on Goodreads, and you can buy a copy on Amazon and the Book Depository in paperback and eBook. It’s also available to read for free as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.