The cover of October Rain by Dylan J Morgan

Join Steele, an assassin on Mars for the Martian Interstellar Correction Agency, in the novella October Rain by Dylan J. Morgan.

Earlier this year I read Highland Cove, a full length novel by Dylan J. Morgan and really enjoyed it (read my review here!). October Rain was just as gripping and enjoyable! Thank you to Shannon of R&R Book Tours for providing me with a free copy in return for an honest review.

October Rain is a dystopian sci-fi novel set on Mars. Steele is an assassin for the Martian Interstellar Correction Agency, with just one more assignment to complete before he leaves with his family for a better life on Titan.

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My review of October Rain

The picture that Dylan paints of Mars is BLEAK. Earth is no more. The capital city on Mars, Olympia, is almost empty and people are leaving, leaving poverty and the inevitable crime behind. There is no water on the planet with no hope of finding more. A news bulletin on the radio informs Mars residents that a mission to Pluto has failed – they have probably starved to death. The museum to Earth commemorates the world, including the animals, culture and history – centered around the Statue of Liberty, rescued instead of a few thousand extra people. The horrors of the world are so well-written – I could feel the hopelessness.

October Rain wastes no time and cuts to the chase (literally) straight away. It’s very fast-paced and has almost non-stop action. I was pulled into the excitement and hooked straight away! The ending was totally unexpected and I loved it – well, love/hate probably!

This is an exciting, fascinating read that I wholly recommend. And with it just being 79 pages, it won’t take you long to read either. I could easily have read another 200+ pages following Steele’s story, learning more about what happened to Earth and what happens to Steele next.

Blurb for October Rain

The human race teeters on the brink of extinction in a solar system choking under the glare of a dying sun. An assassin for the Martian Interstellar Correction Agency, Steele has one more assignment to complete before a big payoff and the chance of a new life: a job that will reveal the true horrors of man’s futile existence and threaten the very people who make his life worth living.

As mankind draws its final breath, what would you do to save your family?

The author of October Rain, Dylan J MorganAbout the author, Dylan J. Morgan

Now living and working in Norway, Dylan J. Morgan was born in New Zealand and raised in the United Kingdom. He writes during those rare quiet moments amid a hectic family life: after dark, with limited sustenance, and when his creative essence is plagued the most by tormented visions.

He is the multi-genre author of ten books, all available exclusively at Amazon. Focusing on Horror, Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia, and sometimes a hint of Science-Fiction, his books cater for those readers who enjoy a dark, terrifying journey into worlds where a happy ending is seldom seen.

When not writing, and when not reading, he can be found roaming the realm of the Witcher 3, or witnessing satisfying deaths on Game of Thrones, or even listening to some of the loudest heavy metal in his iTunes’ library.

If you’re searching for that light at the end of the tunnel then stop looking—you won’t find it here.

Learn more about Dylan and his books on his website, on Twitter @dylanjmorgan, Goodreads and Amazon.