The cover of Magical Reality by Pixie Forest Publishing

Magical Reality is an anthology curated by Pixie Forest Publishing exploring the world of fantasy.

Thank you to Donise at Pixie Forest Publishing for sending me a free copy of Magical Reality in return for an honest review.

I recently read the other short story anthologies by Pixie Forest Publishing, Love Dust and At Death’s Door, so was super excited to read Magical Reality!

You can find Magical Reality on Goodreads, and buy on Amazon on Kindle and paperback. It’s also available to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

My review

This collection features 13 short stories, each centered around magic and fantasy. As with the other two collections, all of the stories are incredibly well-written and highly immersive!

Here are my particular favourites:

  • The Hero’s Promise, by Alan I’Anson. 15-year-old Cassy enjoys writing fantasy stories, which she reads to her father who has cancer. She finds out that her father’s illness is terminal, and in her heartbreak, she deletes all of her stories. That night, she wakes up to find that her stories have become real. Now she is protagonist of the story and has to defeat the Dark Lord. I loved the references to London in this story, and the merging of the fantasy world with the real world. I also enjoyed that it put a fun twist on the traditional fantasy story of the ‘Chosen One’ saving the world.
  • Somebody Else, by Mercedes Siler. Jax is packing up his things after finding out that his girlfriend has been cheating on him. His friend Kevin offers to lend him a hand. The difference is, Jax and Kevin are faeries, living in a forest. I loved the blend of modern human lives such as break ups, social media and text alerts, with the magic of fairies. I would love to read more about the characters and in this world, especially as the story seemed to end quite abruptly.
  • The Dream, by Elissa Ryan. Becs Robertson dreams every night about the same man, waking up at the same time every morning. But who is this mystery man? This was a really cute and romantic story. I really liked the idea of two souls connecting through their dreams like this!
  • Love in Bloom, by Donise Sheppard. Everyone is born with an ankle tattoo of a flower, unique to them. When you fall in love, your soulmate’s flower appears on your arm. Rachel has an orchid matching her husband’s, but the problem is, she is falling in love with her husband’s best friend, Eric. Her tattoo has begun to change with a second bud, matching Eric’s forget-me-not. This was a really interesting premise and unlike anything I’ve read in fiction before! This story was really lovely and romantic, giving me Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind vibes. If you met your partner for the first time again, would you still fall in love?
  • Submerged Revive, by Pyra Kane. Chartreuse is a Collector, who collects human souls after someone passes away and helps them to move on. They guide them towards one of the sacred locations from which a soul can join the afterlife. This was a really cute, touching story. I love the idea that the dead can be reincarnated as ocean life after death.
  • The Dragon’s Family, by James Pyles. “It was just after daybreak when James Monroe found the dragon.” What an opening line! This is an incredibly cute tale of a grandfather who finds an injured baby dragon on his daily walk. He decides to take him home and nurse him back to health. I would happily read a whole novel about the dragon, who they name Buddy, and the family he lives with! It was an adorable, touching story with a great plot.

Once again, Pixie Forest Publishing has really impressed me with their high quality stories — if you are a fan of fantasy then this is a must-read. The stories have a great deal of variety, from traditional fantasy to modern, urban fantasy — there’s certainly something here for everyone. I also appreciated that there was some LGBTQ+ characters featured in the stories.

Blurb for Magical Reality

You’ve read about dragons, mermaids, fairies, and witches. Now read about them in our modern world as they go on adventures to save the world, bring an extinct species back to life, and fall in love at the most inopportune times. These thirteen stories are guaranteed to entertain and spark emotion.

You can find Magical Reality on Goodreads, and buy on Amazon on Kindle and paperback. It’s also available to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.