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Forgotten Magic is the third anthology in the Magic Underground Trilogy from Magical Mayhem Press — plus win a paperback copy in the giveaway!

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For the last time, these heroes, witches, wizards, vikings and more will put it all on the line. No quest is too dangerous. No monster be it a dragon or something cuddlier with teeth is off-limits in the epic conclusion to the Magic Underground Trilogy.

You can find Forgotten Magic on Goodreads as well as on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Scroll down to see my review and enter the giveaway for a physical copy!

My review

I really enjoyed reading this anthology. The stories in this are actually a continuation of the previous two anthologies by Magical Mayhem Press — Hidden Magic and Wayward Magic. Each of the authors contributing have written stories in three parts, spread across the three books. I haven’t read either of these two anthologies, but I could easily pick up what was going on as each story has an introduction from the author explaining what happened last time (I wish more books would include this!).

All of the stories are interesting, magical-orientated stories, full of magical creatures, assassins, and more. Here are some of my favourite stories:

  • The Rebellion, by Gwendolyn Woodschild — two archaeologists uncover two lead boxes with the symbols of the Delgado family on the top. Due to their significance, they pass these on to Maria, the representative of the Delgado family. But things aren’t what they seem, as one of the boxes has a valknut containing the soul of Brandur, a Viking who has been trapped for over a thousand years. He has some magical abilities and can influence some areas of the world — and the whole story is told from his perspective. I really enjoyed seeing a modern day world from his point of view, as he makes interesting comments. For example: “When we landed, Michael was immediately aggravated by how crowded it was at the ‘airport’. Airport! A port for airships! That is a name I can, as I’ve heard Steph say, get behind.” The story is really well written, I liked the characters and was really hooked. Plus, it ends on a shocking cliffhanger!
  • Bound by Darkness, by Tiffany Shand — Five years ago, Ann was accused of killing her parents and is wanted in five lands, with a bounty on her head. She is in hiding from the new demon queen, Orla, with her best friend, Ed, and her brother, Xander. Ed claims a new witness has come forward who can clear Ann’s name — but it turns out to be a trap. This story is a fast-paced tale of rebels in hiding, with another cliffhanger ending. I would love to find out what happens next!
  • Through a Valley of White Mist, by Anela Deen — This was one of the few stories where I felt that I needed to read the previous installments to fully appreciate it, as the characters have obviously been through a lot of adventures together. But I liked it all the same. Jessa is a human, currently pregnant, and shares a bond with Simith. Every night they re-live each other’s memories after Simith healed Jessa, giving her some of his essence. Simith is a fairy and has committed many atrocities in his past against the trolls, their sworn enemy, but realises he’s made a mistake. The relationship that develops between Jessa and Simith is really sweet. They have become much closer because of the bond they share through each other’s memories, and I liked that they give each other advice: “There was a benefit to having a witness to her memories. Grief skewed recollection, sculpting it into landscapes that looked different depending on the light. Maybe she didn’t recognise things as they truly were, but rather through the filter of insecurities amplified by loss.” I love that they help and coach each other, and encourage each other to be better. The ending is lovely too.

However, all of the stories are enjoyable and interesting reads. I will be checking out the previous two anthologies to catch up!

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The blurb for Forgotten Magic

In the first two Magic Underground anthologies, our heroes faced the seen, the unseen, and the wayward in order to save us all. These same characters now find themselves in a continuing world of trouble because as we know, life can be dangerous!

Forgotten Magic (Magic Underground Book III) concludes these characters’ stories in a breathtaking way as they face betrayal, family, and of course, magic. The stakes are deadly and growing deadlier by the moment! Inside you’ll find stories about:

  • An all-inclusive ren-faire with an enigmatic man who plans to destroy it all
  • A missing, teleporting chimera in danger of becoming someone’s lunch…or worse
  • An open portal that rains magic upon our world, meaning it may already be too late to save
  • A weakening magical spell that could lead to a reign of danger and chaos
  • An heir and an apprentice who must prove their innocence to keep their nation from plunging into pandemonium
  • A sister who must convince herself she’s enough to save the Earth from the wicked…after all, she’s all the Earth has
  • A woman who must choose between the mother who abandoned her and those who deserve her help
  • And more!

Fans of Patricia Briggs and Tamsyn Muir will love Forgotten Magic, third of the Magic Underground trilogy of anthologies… Get it today!

Authors in this anthology include: USA Today Bestseller Joynell Schultz, USA Today Bestseller Melinda Kucsera, Seattle Times regional bestseller & multi-international award winner Raven Oak, Tiffany Shand, Alesha Escobar, USA Today Bestseller Lee French & Erik Kort, H.B. Lyne, Anela Deen, Majanka Verstraete, C.K. Rieke, Devorah Fox, Leah W. Van Dinther, C.S. Johnson, Barbara Letson, Toasha Jiordano, Gwendolyn Woodschild, H.M. Jones, Stephen Wallace, AR Johnston, and William C. Cronk.

You can find Forgotten Magic on Goodreads as well as on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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