The cover of Fallible Justice by Laura Laakso

Private Investigator Yannia Wilde has just 4 days to prove a guilty man is innocent in Fallible Justice by Laura Laakso.

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In Fallible Justice, magic thrives in Old London, an island in the middle of London. This is the home of magical folk, where Mages, Shamans, Spirits and more come together. Yannia Wilde is a Private Investigator and one of the Wild Folk. Jonathain Marsh has been declared guilty for the murder of Gideor Braemann, the Speaker of the High Council of Mages and the First Among the Light Mages. His daughter, Ilana, is convinced he is innocent and asks Yannia to investigate. But Jonathain was found guilty by a Herald — who are supposed to be infallible. Can Yannia clear Jonathain’s name before he is executed in four days?

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My review

Wow! What a debut novel! Laura has created a vivid, fast-paced Urban Fantasy x Crime Fiction and I am in love! The prose is beautifully written. I loved the very first chapter of Yannia running through the forest and using the power of different animals as she moves. The world that Laura has created is rich and creative, and I felt like we only scratched the surface in this book.

Fallible Justice is told from the point of view of Yannia. She is a fantastic and brilliantly written character. I loved reading about her relationship with Karrion, her new apprentice. Their relationship feels very realistic, with natural-sounding dialogue and the sort of friendly teasing you’d expect between two friends. There is some mystery to her past, and I look forward to learning more about this in future books.

It was so refreshing to read about such a diverse mix of characters. Same-sex relationships are mentioned in the story but not central to it. Yannia has EDS, a chronic pain disorder, and reveals that part of the reason she has moved to Old London is to take advantage of modern medicine. There is also a Deaf character who uses Sign Language to communicate — not something you often find in books. It was great to see such a diverse mix of characters, who all have an important role in the story.

The story itself is fast-paced and intriguing. The ending isn’t what I had expected but I really liked it. Fallible Justice ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger, opening it to a second book — I can’t wait to read it!

The blurb for Fallible Justice

In Old London, where paranormal races co-exist with ordinary humans, criminal verdicts delivered by the all-seeing Heralds of Justice are infallible. After a man is declared guilty of murder and sentenced to death, his daughter turns to private investigator Yannia Wilde to do the impossible and prove the Heralds wrong.

Yannia has escaped a restrictive life in the Wild Folk conclave where she was raised, but her origins mark her as an outsider in the city. Those origins lend her the sensory abilities of all of nature. Yet Yannia is lonely and struggling to adapt to life in the city. The case could be the break she needs. She enlists the help of her only friend, a Bird Shaman named Karrion, and together they accept the challenge of proving a guilty man innocent.

So begins a breathless race against time and against all conceivable odds. Can Yannia and Karrion save a man who has been judged infallibly guilty?

Laura Laakso, the author of Fallible JusticeAbout the author, Laura Laakso

Laura Laakso is a Finn who has lived for most of her adult life in England. She is an accountant, dog trainer and author. Fallible Justice is her debut novel and the first in her paranormal crime series Wilde Investigations.

You can find out more about Laura on her website, or follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

You can buy Fallible Justice in audiobook, eBook and paperback formats from Louise Walters Books, Hive and Amazon.