Papergang by Ohh Deer Stationery Box April 2020

March’s Papergang by Ohh Deer stationery subscription box has now arrived — and this is a special edition to celebrate their 50th box!

Papergang is a monthly stationery subscription box curated by Ohh Deer. All items are exclusive to Papergang, and every month is designed by a different artist. Possible items include notebooks, postcards, greeting cards and more.

Ohh Deer plant one tree for every four boxes sold, in partnership with the charity Tree Aid. This means that with a year’s subscription, you could plant three trees! (Full details here.)

Inside the April 2020 box

Here's what's inside the April 2020 Papergang subscriptionbox
Here’s what’s inside the April box!

Here’s what’s inside:

  • An celebratory enamel pin
  • A cardboard pen pot (with internal dividers)
  • 3 x A6 size greeting cards
  • A daily planner
  • A monthly calendar card

This month’s marks Papergang’s 50th subscription box — I had no idea that they had been going since 2016! To celebrate, this month is a collaboration between all of Ohh Deer’s in-house designers — Jamie Mitchell, Jade Walsh, Jack Carter, Chloe Hall and Amy Lesko. Amy and Jamie both have items available on the Ohh Deer website.

In addition, the packaging of this month’s box had four potential designs created by either Jamie, Jade, Chloe or Jack — so yours may not look like the orange one I received. However, all the contents are the same! One box also contained a ‘golden ticket’ worth £200 (sadly, not in my box!).

An enamel pin

The celebratory enamel pin from the April 2020 Papergang box

This pin is super cute! It’s a burger with a little PG flag on top (for Papergang!) and is shiny gold in colour. It is attached to a postcard stating that this is the 50th anniversary. I don’t really know what to do with pins (I generally just keep them on my desk) but this is lovely and I love the postcard!

A cardboard pen pot

This came flat packed — I had to pop it out and figure out how to fit the dividers inside! I’ve not had anything like this in the Papergang box before so it’s great to get something different! I love it. The design is great, it reminds me of a rainforest, and matches one of the cards that came with the pack. The design was drawn by Jamie Mitchell.

I really love this and will be using it on my desk to keep my favourite pens!

3 x A6 greeting cards

 from the April 2020 Papergang box

These cards have three different designs. The ‘hey you’ design is by Amy Lesko and the orange design (which is the same design I had on my box) is by Chloe Hall. As I said, the forest design is by Jamie Mitchell and it’s probably my favourite. The ‘hey you’ card is really cute, with cartoon-style smiley faces on each of the items. The ‘hey you’ text is gold foil and super shiny!

As always, the paper is made from FSC Certified paper.

Daily planner

I received a daily planner in my first box from October 2019 and this one has a similar layout. It has a thick cloth cover and has a lot of pages so it will last for a while! Each day has two pages with the left side has space for notes and doodles, and the right side has space for the title, date, to do lists and today’s timetable. There are several art pages scattered throughout the planner, matching the postcards and the postcard with the enamel pin.

A monthly calendar card

Calendar journal card from the April 2020 Papergang box

As with each month’s box, a journal card with a blank calendar is included. This one is white with fluorescent orange text for the calendar. The flowers themselves are pink and green. The pastel pink hasn’t shown up well on camera unfortunately! As always this card is undated and has 31 days. I personally would prefer the to be dated — not all months have 31 days (and starting in June will mean that the first day is a Friday, which feels a bit strange). It’s slightly larger than A6 — it’s approximately 12.4cm wide and 15.9cm high.

My thoughts

I love the different designs, though the rainforest design is my favourite. It was great to get some different items in this month’s box as I’ve not had a pin or pen pot before! I will be using the pen pot to store some of my favourite pens and pencils, and I think it will look really nice on my desk.

I have been writing to friends a lot more recently to cheer people up in these difficult times so the notecards are ideal — I’m really looking forward to using them!

My least favourite item is the daily planner. I am not sure if I will use it as I already have a planning method that works for me. But that’s no reflection on the designers — the planner is cute and a good size for carrying around, and it feels high quality with good paper. I may use it in future for work when my existing notebook is used up but I’m not sure right now.

Overall this is a great box — this is my seventh Papergang box and this may be my favourite one so far!

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