Daylight's Deadly Kiss by Jay Raven

Follow vampire slayer Anton Yoska in Daylight’s Deadly Kiss by Jay Raven, the second novel in the Blood Riders series.

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Daylight’s Deadly Kiss follows on several years after the events of Crimson Siege, the first book in the Blood Riders series. Since we last saw him, Anton Yoska has been a vampire bounty hunter in Transylvania with Quintz and Tomas. He has been on the run from Crown Prince Leopold, and in this book, Leopold finally catches up with him. He offers Anton a contract to hunt down the receipe for Basium Lucis, or Daylight’s Kiss. This is a legendary compound, created by Leonardo Da Vinci 250 years before. It is fabled to be sunlight in a bottle and is deadly to vampires. He then has a desperate race to find the recipe before the vampires do.

You can currently buy a copy of Daylight’s Deadly Kiss on Kindle for just 99p on Amazon, or borrow through Kindle Unlimited.

My review

As with Crimson Siege, I definitely wouldn’t describe this as a horror. It has some sex and violence (though not as much as the first), and lots of twists and turns! I really enjoyed it and found myself racing through the book to find out what happens next. The start of the book has several scenes with new characters that seem irrelevant until later on — you don’t know who is telling the truth or what their real motivations are until the very end. It reminded me a little of a Sherlock Holmes story (but with more vampires!).

I really like Anton and Quintz in the previous book so it was great to learn more about them. Both characters and their pasts are explored further in this story, as people from their pasts both return to haunt them. Tomas does not feature much so I hope that we will learn more about him in the next book.

While you don’t have to have read Crimson Siege to understand what’s going on (the Prologue acts as a good summary), it’s a great book so I recommend reading it! It is a great vampire story and does help to set the scene for this one. The events in the previous book are referred to a few times.

There are a lot of characters in this book and a lot of threads to unravel. I was genuinely shocked by the final scenes. I really loved the final twist at the end, it completely took me by surprise! The book ends on a cliffhanger so it seems like there will be a third in the series coming soon — I really look forward to reading it!

The blurb for Daylight’s Deadly Kiss

In 19th century Europe the most deadly vampire-killing weapon ever devised is up for grabs – and both the Undead and the living will stop at nothing to possess it…

It’s a legend, a fairy story parents tell frightened children to make them sleep. Basium Lucis – Daylight’s Kiss – the fabled compound that recreates sunlight in a bottle, and incinerates bloodsucking monsters on contact.

Vampire hunter Anton Yoska doesn’t believe in its existence or the whispered rumours of its creation by Leonardo Da Vinci 250 years before.

But when a mysterious Hungarian arts dealer claims to have uncovered the long-lost formula, Anton’s cynicism is shaken to the core as he is tasked to procure the pyrotechnic marvel for the Vatican’s centuries-old battle with the vampire sect known as the Brethren.

In a desperate race to beat nosferatu forces intent on destroying the wonder weapon, and cold-blooded gangsters who desire the Alchemist’s most prized invention for their own aggrandisement and riches, Anton is caught in a maelstrom of double dealing and lies..

Traps loom at every turn, and nothing is what it appears, but acquiring the Basium Lucis is the least of the his problems  – for the ferocious Modjeski vampire family want retribution for his slaughter of their clan chief a year before. And old flame and rival slayer, Nadia, has her own devious plans to thwart Anton’s quest.

As time runs out and predators circle, the beleaguered hunter realises he’s been tricked into a suicide mission. But Anton Yoska won’t go down without a fight – and he doesn’t care who he takes to Hell with him.

Jay Raven, author of Daylight's Deadly KissAbout the Author, Jay Raven

Jay Raven is the author of Gothic chillers and historical horror reminding readers that the past is a dangerous place to venture, full of monsters and murderous men. He blames his fascination with vampires, witches and werewolves on the Hammer Horror films he watched as a teenager, but living in a creepy old house on the edge of a 500-acre wood may have something to do with it.

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Daylight’s Deadly Kiss is currently available on Kindle for just 99p on Amazon, or borrow through Kindle Unlimited.