The Papergang x Ohh Deer Box March 2020

March’s Papergang by Ohh Deer stationery subscription box has now arrived! Jennifer Bouron designed this month’s box.

Papergang is a monthly stationery subscription box curated by Ohh Deer. All items are exclusive to Papergang, and every month is designed by a different artist. Possible items include notebooks, postcards, greeting cards and more.

Ohh Deer plant one tree for every four boxes sold, in partnership with the charity Tree Aid. This means that with a year’s subscription, you could plant three trees! (Full details here.)

Inside the March box

Contents of the March 2020 box from Papergang by Ohh Deer

Inside this month’s box were:

  • 100% cotton tote bag
  • Wiro notebook
  • Sticky notes
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Undated calendar journalling card

Each item has designs created by Jennifer Bouron, a French illustrator and print designer. In the booklet with the box, there is an interview with Jennifer and photos of her designs, which you can also read on the Papergang blog. She creates all of her illustrations using a limited colour palette of 30 colours. You can find her on Instagram at @jeninuferu.

The notebook and pen


The notebook is about A5 size and has a cardboard cover. It has a double page pink patterned front and end covers, and each page is lined with illustrations around the edges. The paper is made from FSC Certified paper (from sustainable forests) and seems quite thick. The ballpoint pen is pink with ‘Ohh Deer’ in gold foil on the side.

I like the notebook design — it’s fun, cute and colourful. I really like the bold pink of the front and end papers too (actually, I prefer this to the main cover design!).

The sticky notes

Sticky notes from the March 2020 Papergang box

The note with these says that 95% of all waste materials from this factory are recycled — I’m not sure if these sticky notes are also made from recycled paper.

These sticky notes have a very faint lined pattern on the background (it’s white and the paper is cream so it’s very subtle and doesn’t show in the photographs), which I really like.

The tote bag

Tote bag from the March 2020 Papergang box

The tote bag is made from 100% cotton and is a cream colour. It feels really sturdy and well made, so I think it will last for a really long time. I’m not a big fan of the print — an upside-down rainbow, some rain-like stripes, what looks like an orange, and a ruler. It all seems a bit random and doesn’t flow together well.

The journalling card

Journalling card from the March 2020 Papergang box

As always, this month’s box includes a journalling card with a blank calendar on for 31 days. The card is about A6 size.

Final thoughts

I have been a Papergang x Ohh Deer subscriber for six months now, and this is my least favourite box so far. I really like the items but I am disappointed with the designs — they are bland and a bit dull. My favourite of all of them is the stripey pink design on the front and end covers of the notebook, and probably my least favourite is the tote bag.

Looking at Jennifer’s other illustrations on her Instagram, I think that this month’s box could have been so much better. I like a lot of modern art in her kind of art style, and I like that her designs are quite simple and often repeating patterns. I just don’t really like the choice of designs here — they don’t really seem to have a theme to tie them in together. Nothing here really ‘grabs’ me or catches my eye.

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