Distorted Days by Louise Worthington

Distorted Days by Louise Worthington is an emotional, character-driven story that I couldn’t put down.

Thank you to Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources for asking me to take part in this book tour and giving me a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Distorted Days focuses on Doris, who’s husband has just left her for her best friend. It follows her life following his departure, and how she manages to piece her life back together. She makes new friends, takes a new job at the local library and has to move house — as well as face some home truths about her past life.

Distorted Days is available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon, and in paperback on Lulu. You can also borrow a copy through Kindle Unlimited. Don’t forget to save it to your list on GoodReads!

My review

I loved this book! It perfectly describes heartbreak, depression and loneliness. Louise is an amazing writer, with honest, vivid descriptions of life and memories from each character’s perspective.

Distorted Days is a very character driven story, and I loved all of the characters. Immediately I could place myself in their shoes and relate to their struggles. The writing style is very honest and simple, and it’s incredibly effective. There is a lot of emotion in every page.

I really enjoyed Doris’s character development throughout the story. My heart broke for her at the start and it was wonderful reading about her journey back to her own life. I liked the twists at the end too, where she sees things from other people’s perspectives. All too often, we become convinced that our point of view is the only one. It was refreshing to be reminded that it isn’t always so.

It’s the second book I’ve read recently with a Boxer dog (Blue Skies Over Berlin had one too!). As a dog lover I of course appreciated Teddy, and the companionship and comfort that he brings.

While Distorted Days deals with many heavy themes, the overall message is one of hope and resilience. In a world full of negativity, this is a beautiful reminder of the importance of empathy and being kind to others. I couldn’t put this book down and read it in one sitting – I’d recommend it to anyone who likes stories that focuses on people and their relationships, or is perhaps struggling at the moment and needs a reminder that it can get better. It does talk about miscarriage, so that’s worth bearing in mind if you may find that upsetting.

The book blurb

If she could speak to them, she would say they have exploded her heart, released firecrackers through her senses. She wishes she could call the police, the ambulance, the fire brigade, to arrest and anaesthetise and waterboard the bastards.

So what happens when your husband runs off with your best friend? When you discover the dead body of an old man halfway through your delivery round? When your house is burgled and you get beaten up? Doris, Andy and Colleen are about to find out. They’re also about to discover that you can find friendship and support in the oddest of places…

Heart-rending, humorous and above all authentic, Distorted Days is an exquisitely written account of the ways in which life can knock you off our feet – and how you can pick yourself up again. If you’ve experienced the fickleness of fortune, this is a book that you’ll never forget.

Louise WorthingtonAbout the author

Louise is the author of Distorted Days and Rachel’s Garden of Rooms. The Entrepreneur will be available later in 2020. The Thief, a short story published by Park Publications, is available to download via Louise Worthington’s website.

Before writing full time, Louise worked mainly as an English teacher after getting a degree in Literature and later, studying business and psychology at Masters level.

Louise grew up in Cheshire and now resides in Shropshire.

You can find Louise on Twitter.

Distorted Days is available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon, and in paperback on Lulu. You can also borrow a copy through Kindle Unlimited. Don’t forget to save it to your list on GoodReads!