The Papergang subscription box for February 2020

February’s Papergang by Ohh Deer stationery subscription box has now arrived! This month’s box has been designed by Jenny McGibbon.

Papergang is a monthly stationery subscription box curated by Ohh Deer. Each one is designed by a different artist, and items are exclusive to Papergang. Possible items include notebooks, postcards, greeting cards and more.

Ohh Deer plant one tree for every four boxes sold, in partnership with the charity Tree Aid. This means that with a year’s subscription, you could plant three trees! (Full details here.)

So, let’s get straight into the contents of February’s box!

Inside the February box

For every February 2020 box sold, Papergang donated £1 to the M.E. Association. The box was designed by Jenny McGibbon, who lives with this chronic illness and writes about her experiences in her blog, This Thing They Call Recovery. The box includes a booklet with interviews with Jenny and Neil Riley, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the ME Association.

Contents of the February 2020 Papergang subscription box

The items in this month’s box were:

  • An A4 (ish) daily journal
  • Woven patch
  • Washi tape
  • Wooden ruler
  • Eraser

The design of this box has a 70s feel, with what looks like stickers or patches with slogans such as ‘you matter’, ‘rest counts’, ‘nope’ and ‘compassion over comparison please’. I really liked ‘you are allowed to spend energy on yourself’ — a really great (and important!) message for everyone! Jenny’s blog has a 70s style too so it makes sense that her Papergang box has a similar theme!

The daily journal

The A4 (ish) journal from the February 2020 Papergang subscription box

This A4 journal looks like a school notebook, with ‘Awake-ish’ on the cover. The inside front and back cover have the stickers-style designs. The prompts are: To remember, something that made me smile, something that was difficult, did I take time for myself and did I forget that H2O exists (again)? It has 44 pages and it’s undated so you can start at any time.

I really like the journal! I would have liked more pages and for it to have slightly thicker pages — but this is a great format for a memory journal! The prompts are going to be great to fill out at the end of each day. I also really like that it is undated, too.

The woven patch

The woven 'inhale & exhale' patch from the February 2020 Papergang subscription box

This is green with ‘inhale x exhale’ and you can really see the 70s style in this one! It’s just not for me, though — it reminds me of patches on swimming costumes at school. (Maybe that just has negative connotations because I never liked swimming, though!) While it is cute, I just can’t see myself ever using it or attaching it to anything.

The washi, ruler and eraser

The washi tape, eraser and ruler from the February 2020 Papergang subscription box

The washi tape has the same slogans as the inside cover of the journal on a pink background, which I thought was really cute. I’m not sure how I will use it, but it could be really nice to chop up and use as decoration when journalling. I am a little disappointed that there wasn’t a pack of stickers with the slogans on (that would have been great!) so that might be a good alternative!

I’m sure both the wooden ruler and the eraser will come in handy! I am always losing erasers.

The monthly calendar

The calendar and journal card from the February 2020 Papergang subscription box

Finally, this month’s calendar has 31 days so it would be great to use for March. It has the same slogans in the background which I really like. Its hand-drawn style fits in perfectly with the A4 journal. As I’ve said before, I am a little confused about these being undated and always set to 31 days, as it is a little restrictive. Fortunately, 1st March this year is on a Sunday!

Final thoughts

The packaging for the box has changed — Papergang boxes are now just in one cardboard box (rather than having a card sleeve) with a rip tab on the front. I do like that they are trying to reduce the waste in the box, but I do miss the tidyness of the old packaging. When I opened the box I found that the tissue paper had torn and stuck to the glue on the front of the box, which was a little disappointing to see as soon as I opened it. But that’s just aesthetic and a really minor issue!

Personally, I also feel that this month’s box wasn’t quite as good value as previous boxes have been. I would have liked to receive some stickers with the slogans, perhaps instead of the patch — that’s just not something I will use. The ruler and eraser are useful, but they are fairly cheap to buy elsewhere for similar quality.

The journal is great though, and I look forward to using it as a daily journal in the future. However, the thickness of the paper is a concern — I don’t want my pens to bleed through the paper. Fingers crossed it will hold up well though!

What did you think of this month’s Papergang subscription box? What are your favourite items?

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