Papergang by Ohh Dear Stationery Box November 2019

I loved the items in last month’s Papergang subscription box, so I decided to continue my subscription. Here are my thoughts on the November 2019 box, which has a winter ‘hygge’ theme!

Papergang is a monthly stationery subscription box curated by Ohh Deer. A different artist designs the box and the items every month, and these items are exclusive to the box. Boxes are sent on the 5th of each month. Possible items include notebooks, postcards, greeting cards and art prints.

Ohh Deer plant one tree for every four boxes sold, in partnership with the charity Tree Aid. This means that with a year’s subscription, you could plant three trees! (Full details here.)

You can either join on a rolling monthly subscription, or buy 3, 6 or 12 months up front. One-off boxes are £14.99 per month, with discounts when you buy up front.

Inside the November box

Inside the Papergang November 2019 stationery box
Inside the Papergang November 2019 stationery box

The theme for the November box is ‘hygge’. Wikipedia describes hygge as a “fundamental aspect of Danish culture”:

A concept that evokes “coziness”, particularly when relaxing with good friends or loved ones and while enjoying good food. Christmas time is a true moment of hygge.

Kong-Yew Wong designed this month’s box. He has designed a lot of products for Ohh Dear in the past (especially greetings cards). The box contains a leaflet with information on the items and an interview with Kong about his career.

The items in this month’s box are:

  • Wrapping paper, gift tags and gold washi tape
  • Six Christmas cards (three designs)
  • A ‘stay cozy’ coaster
  • A daily planner pad
  • A calendar insert

The back of the box has instructions to make a reindeer, which I thought is a great idea! A fantastic way to use the packaging.

But, I was a little surprised that the first thing I saw when opening the box was the front of the Ohh Deer catalogue — ‘Merry Christmas or whatever’. It didn’t match the theme of the box at all and seemed very out of place!

1. Wrapping paper, gift tags and gold washi tape

Christmas gift wrapping kit from the Papergang November 2019 stationery box
The Christmas gift wrapping kit – wrapping paper, gift tags and gold washi tape

These are super cute — I love Kong’s snowy houses! I love that the design is a little different to most Christmas wrapping paper (no Santas or reindeer!). It would be great for winter birthdays as well. The paper was printed in the UK using eco-toners and vegetable-based inks. The gift tags are also really cute!

The washi tape looks like good quality — it feels quite thick and like it will stay stuck. I used decorative washi tape to stick parcels in the past and it didn’t work out as it didn’t stay stuck down.

2. Six Christmas cards

Christmas cards from the Papergang November 2019 stationery box
The six Christmas cards, on FSC Certified card stock

The Christmas cards are quite small (smaller than A6) and are blank inside for your own message. Again, I think these are super cute!

I love sending Christmas cards to friends, family and colleagues. Last year I made Christmas cards for the first time which I really enjoyed. It was quite time-consuming and I struggled to make enough cards for everyone — I think I made 30 cards in total. So these will definitely take a bit of pressure off of me!

The cards are also printed in the UK onto FSC certified stock.

3. A ‘stay cozy’ coaster

Drinks coaster from the Papergang November 2019 stationery box
The super cute ‘stay cozy’ drinks coaster

One of my favourite things in winter is curling up on the sofa under a fleece blanket with a hot chocolate. I have lots of different coasters, a mix of gifts and ones I have bought for myself, so this will be a welcome addition!

I love having matching stuff, so I am a bit disappointed that there is no matching mug in the Ohh Dear store! A mug would be perfect, and would be a great fit for the hygge theme too.

4. A daily planner pad

Daily planner pad from the Papergang November 2019 stationery box
The daily planner pad, with schedule, to do list and doodling space

This is an A5 notepad with space for to do’s (quite a long list!), notes and doodles. The paper is a light grey with white writing. Unfortunately, this means that it is quite hard to read. I’m sure this won’t impact using the notebook but it is a little disappointing!

The paper is really high quality, I am very impressed with it. I tested a mix of pens and there was no bleeding and minimal ghosting (show through on the other side). Even Ecoline watercolour brush pens were fine!

5. A calendar insert

Calendar insert from the Papergang November 2019 stationery box
The winter-themed calendar insert

I found the October calendar to be a little strange. As it had 31 days, I wanted to use it in October. As 1st October is on a Tuesday, it would mean I’d have to start the week on a Tuesday. 1st November is on a Friday so if I had used it for this month, the first day would have to be a Friday, which is strange for a calendar.

As with last month, it’s undated but has has 31 days. Fortunately, 1st December is on a Sunday this year, so I will definitely be using this in my journal! Plus, I love the snow theme.

But I really think the calendar should either be dated, or have the days of the week but no numbers so you can add this in yourself. The current format doesn’t quite work.

I should add, this calendar is bigger than the one from last month (just smaller than A5).

Final thoughts

I love the items in this month’s box! I love cute, snowy houses, and all the items really embody ‘hygge’ to me. Kong’s artwork is so cute!

I am really impressed with the quality of all items, they all feel premium. I was particularly surprised by the notepad paper. Most stationery shops use very cheap, thin paper, so I was quite shocked that this is more sturdy! Plus, I like that the items are exclusive to Papergang. This makes the box feel extra special! (Though I would love a ‘stay cozy’ mug to match the coaster!)

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