October stationery haul

In October I bought stationery from Kikki K, Stalogy, a leather cover from Etsy, and a TWSBI fountain pen. Find out what I got and my opinion of each here.

I absolutely love stationery (as any of my friends will tell you). I am always buying new pens, notebooks and planners. October 2019 was no exception! This month, I bought a black leather Kikki K A5 notebook cover, a B6 Stalogy and croc leather cover, and a TWSBI Eco fountain pen in transparent purple.

So, let’s get into my review and thoughts on each!

1. Kikki K notebook cover

Kikki K leather notebook cover and dustbag
Kikki K leather notebook cover and dustbag

I bought this A5 black leather notebook cover in the Kikki K sale. It looks like they are phasing out their older planners, notebooks and accessories, so you can grab some great bargains. For example, they currently have leather planners available for just £18 — a huge saving on the original price of £48 for the large A5 size! This notebook cover was just £13.50 (originally £30!).

However, it did take a while to arrive. I had assumed that orders were sent from within the UK, but they actually come from China. There are no customs to pay as they charge VAT on all items. Their dispatch time is within 4 business days and estimated delivery is 5-7 days, so orders can take a fair bit of time to arrive! I ordered the notebook on 30th September and it arrived on the 12th October.

The cover came in a matching black Kikki K dustbag — I always love it when stationery comes in a dustbag, it’s great for storing them when not in use!

The cover itself is beautiful. The leather is nice and soft, and I love the bold black and white striped cotton liner inside. It has a gold snap closure, which feels really secure (I always prefer snap closures to elastic!). Inside there are a couple of card pockets on the left-hand side, plus a pen loop.

It came with an A5 lined notebook with a soft cover (it feels like a laminated card). I like the matching black and white striped pattern on the inside cover. Unfortunately the paper feels quite thin (it’s 80gsm) and I don’t like the page layout. It is lined with a ‘title’ and ‘date’ box at the top and the Kikki K logo at the bottom of each page. However it is really easy to remove this and add your preferred notebook. I plan to use it to house my A5 Hippo Noto dotted journal when it arrives later this year.

2. B6 Stalogy notebook

Stalogy 365 Days B6 notebook
The Stalogy 365 Days B6 notebook

Stalogy is a Japanese brand that aims to make minimal but stylish stationery, and is one of the few companies that offer B6 notebooks.

I have always used A5 notebooks, but over the last year I have found out about the Traveller’s Notebook system and have been trying different sizes. The B6 size is my latest obsession! B6 is about halfway in size between an A6 and an A5 notebook. I tend to find that A6 is too small and sometimes an A5 is too big to carry around, while a B6 is the perfect ‘Goldilocks’ size! However, it is an unusual size and it has been difficult finding B6 notebooks.

Interior of the Stalogy B6 notebook
Interior of the Stalogy

This notebook is their ‘Editor’s Series 365 Days Notebook’. It has 365 pages, one for each day of the year, and it is undated. Each page has the day and month along the top for you to mark the date, and is timed along the left-hand side of the page from 7 to 24. However, it is very unobtrusive so it is easy to ignore and use how you want. Each page has a grey grid with 5mm boxes.

As well as the size, I was keen to try a Stalogy as I have heard a lot about the paper. It’s not Tomoe River paper (ultra thin paper that is perfect for fountain pens), but it feels very similar. The paper is very thin, so while it has more pages than a typical notebook, it doesn’t feel thick or heavy. (My Scribbles That Matter Bullet Planner, for example, has approx 220 pages but is much thicker.) I was really impressed with the fountain pen tests — despite being so thin, there is very little ghosting (or show through) of the inks.

3. B6 Stalogy cover from whpdesign on Etsy

The Stalogy B6 croc leather notebook cover
The Stalogy B6 croc leather notebook cover

I will be using my new B6 Stalogy notebook as my travel journal, to document holidays and overnight stays. I have an A5 ringbound Day to a Page diary I got from Sainsbury’s at the end of last year, and while it is perfect for my needs, it is really chunky and heavy to bring in my suitcase. I’d also hate to lose it as it has a year’s worth of memories. As the Stalogy is smaller than A5 and lightweight, it’s perfect as a travel companion.

However, as the Stalogy has a softcover (it feels a bit like a Moleskine notebook – card but with a leather look), I was worried it might get damaged. So, I decided to buy a notebook cover to protect it. I absolutely love croc leather at the moment so decided on a croc leather cover from whpdesign on Etsy. It was £24.50 plus £6.35 for postage.

I asked the seller a question before making my purchase and they responded quickly and were very helpful. The cover was dispatched super fast and arrived in 5 days, despite coming from China! They included some freebies too — an A5 ring binder, some cute stickers, additional elastics to change the black one, and a matching croc leather keyring.

I love it – the leather is beautiful, very soft and floppy with a lovely leather smell. It feels really high quality, with lovely even and neat stitching. And most importantly, it fits my Stalogy perfectly! Overall I’m really pleased with it and look forward to using this for years to come.

4. Transparent Purple TWSBI Eco fountain pen

Transparent Purple TWSBI Eco fountain pen
Transparent Purple TWSBI Eco fountain pen

I absolutely love fountain pens, and purple and green are my favourite colours. So when TWSBI announced the Transparent Purple colourway for their Eco fountain pen, I couldn’t pass it up! I bought an Eco second hand with a Broad nib a while ago, and it is one of the smoothest pens I’ve ever used. I ordered the M nib from Pure Pens.

New TWSBI pens come with a few accessories for cleaning the pen. The box includes instructions for disassembly, a wrench and silicone grease. I hadn’t expected that at all, and I think it is a great touch.

The purple colour is beautiful — a really rich, Cadbury’s purple. I inked the pen with Diamine’s Purple Rain (a special edition ink for the German store Fountain Feder) which is a great match.

It is wonderful to write with — it feels buttery smooth and is really comfortable to write with. Unlike Lamy fountain pens, the grip is round, so you aren’t forced to hold it in a particular way. It is a piston filler, and to ink the pen, you twist the end while holding the nib fully immersed in your ink. I was a little worried initially with the piston filler that the end might be easy to twist and get ink everywhere, but it’s quite firm and so far that hasn’t been a problem!

Transparent Purple TWSBI Eco fountain pen box and cleaning kit
The TWSBI Eco box and cleaning kit

This TWSBI Eco was £28, which is a little more than my Lamy Safari pens that typically retail for around £20. Particularly as it comes with the extras, that feels like excellent value for money! It doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy in the hand at all. I also really like the transparent barrel, so I can see how much ink I have left inside. I think it would make a great daily writer as it’s so comfortable to write with.

All items were bought with my own money and there are no affiliate links, so these are my own, unbiased opinions!