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About Me

Hi, I’m Claire!

I have been wanting to create and maintain a blog for a while – so finally, here it is!

I am aiming to post a quick update at least twice a week – let’s see how that goes.

A bit about me: I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I work as a Digital Marketing Manager in London. I’m currently training as a Web Developer Apprentice (more details are on my dedicated blog – clairescoding.co.uk). I enjoy video games, and help write for a friend’s gaming news site, Big Boss Battle. I also enjoy reading and going to gigs – Amanda Palmer is my favourite artist. And almost my entire wardrobe is from BlackMilk, a quirky nylon brand – they’ve been around since 2009, and all of their clothes are printed and sewn in Australia.

This blog will be about various things – mostly days out, photos I’ve taken, books I’ve read, and my personal challenge to lose some weight and gain some pounds (of the financial kind).

I enjoy visiting historical sites and other places of interest, so expect lots of photos of castles. I enjoy reading fantasy – anything with magic and dragons is usually of interest. I have also just bought a Peloton bike which I have set up in my living room, that I am looking forward to using, and will be writing about my experiences here too.