Lecari's Livejournal 2.0

About Me

A photo of the author, ClaireHi, I’m Claire!

I have been wanting to create and maintain a blog for a while – so finally, here it is!

I used to keep a Livejournal back in the day, from 2001 until 2016, where I wrote about my private life and thoughts. Since 2016, I’ve kept a paper journal. However, I missed keeping an online log of books I’ve read, bands I’ve seen and days out — I made a lot of friends through Livejournal, many of whom I still speak to regularly today.

About this blog

I aim to update this blog twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

This blog is about various things – mostly days out, photos I’ve taken, books I’ve read, and my personal challenge to lose some weight and gain some pounds (of the financial kind).

You can expect lots of photos of castles and gardens, as I visit lots of historical sites. I read a lot of fantasy – anything with magic and dragons is usually of interest. I have also just bought a Peloton bike which I have set up in my living room, that I am looking forward to using, and will be writing about my experiences here too.

A bit about me

I live in Hertfordshire, UK, and I work as a Digital Marketing Manager in London. I’m currently training as a Web Developer Apprentice (more details are on my dedicated blog – clairescoding.co.uk). I enjoy video games, and help write for a friend’s gaming news site, Big Boss Battle. I also love live music — Amanda Palmer is my favourite artist. Almost my entire wardrobe is from BlackMilk, a quirky nylon brand – they’ve been around since 2009, and all of their clothes are printed and sewn in Australia.