Welcome to lecari.co.uk

I have been wanting to create and maintain a blog for a while – so finally, here it is!

I am aiming to post a quick update at least three times a week – let’s see how that goes.

A bit about me: I live in Hertfordshire, UK. I work as a Digital Marketing Manager in London. I’m currently training as a Web Developer Apprentice (more details on this will follow on my other, dedicated blog – clairescoding.co.uk). I enjoy video games, and help write for a friend’s gaming news site, Big Boss Battle. I also enjoy reading and going to gigs – Amanda Palmer is my favourite artist. And almost my entire wardrobe is from BlackMilk, a quirky nylon brand – they’ve been around since 2009, and all of their clothes are printed and sewn in Australia.

This blog will be about various things – mostly days out, photos i’ve taken, books I’ve read, and my personal challenge to lose some weight and gain some pounds (of the financial kind).

I enjoy visiting historical sites and other places of interest, so expect lots of photos of castles. I enjoy reading fantasy – anything with magic and dragons is usually of interest. And, finally – I am aiming to save money over the next year by only spending money on things I ‘need’ rather than wasting money on frivolous material things. I spend far too much money on books (when I have hundreds already), on clothes (when I have a full wardrobe) and video games (when my Steam library is full). I live in a privileged life of excessive ‘things’ and I’d like to focus more on spending money on creating memories, and save for a holiday abroad next year.

But I have set some rules, which may change over time.

Things I am still going to be spending money on:

  1. Make up – but only replacing what I have when it runs out (I wear make up to work and when going out, so for me this is a ‘need’)
  2. Christmas gifts and birthday presents – but I am going to set stricter budgets, especially for Christmas this year
  3. Patreon – I currently back Amanda Palmer’s Patreon and I want to continue to do that!
  4. Some hobbies – Amazon Prime (£70 for the year), Netflix (£6 a month – I have the standard plan), Elder Scrolls Online (£20 every quarter)
  5. Essentials, like toilet rolls and shampoo and the train fare to work, and my car (and other car related things like insurance and fuel).

Things I won’t be spending money on:

  1. My beloved BlackMilk! This will be the hardest for sure… This is where most of my money goes, between the site, the selling groups and customs charges from international packages
  2. Books – even ‘just that cheap £1 eBook on Amazon’.
  3. Russian lashes – I have been having false lashes for two years and I love them, and I think my eyes look odd with just mascara, but I just can’t justify spending £50 every 3 weeks on these anymore.

If I do get gift vouchers, that’s fine to spend (of course). Book vouchers I plan to use to buy further books in a series, if I am partway through – but otherwise I’ll have to wait! (That really will be tough.)

The goal

My goal is to save for a holiday abroad. I don’t have a passport at the moment, it expired six years ago. It would be great to use the money I save from this for a break! I would love to go to Australia, but with the current £:$ exchange rate I am going to aim for a week away in Europe instead. So, location TBC.

This is going to be quite hard for me – but I am determined to do it!